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Teddy bears?


Harry's nearly six months old now (doesn't time fly!?) And in the last month or so has formed a 'bond' with a particular teddy! He 'talks' to it when he's in his cot, playfights with it and generally has a merry old time with the thing :lol: . But only that one. He can play with it for ages, but any other teddy, he gets bored and moves on to the next one.

I was just wondering if anyone elses LO got attached to a teddy at this age or earlier? Oooh and what was it? Just a regular bear or something funky? Harry's is a long haired traditional bear.

Lucy and Harry xxXxx


  • Millie was 12 months before she got attached to any of her teddies. It was a little monkey that she got for her 1st birthday. In the 12 months since she has also adopted a small soft doll, a large stuffed monkey, a panda and a very small cow. All of these have to go to bed with her every time, there is barely room in bed for her lol.
  • Ahh that's so cute. I can't say mine has a particular affection for anything in particular, although he has taken a shine to a monkey and a rattling snail. Although he mainly just sucks them. He also likes spoons and muslims so a bit random!! Sometimes I think he is a dog as with the muslim it is totally in his mouth and he shakes his head like one with a bone!
    Does he cry if it is taken away?
  • hiya..primrose has been attached to her white teddy called "alice" since she was a baby and wherever primrose is alice is too! she talks to it and plays with it and allways grabs it when we go out or she goes to bed its so funny she has loads of bears but this one is speical to her infact i went and bought another one just incase she looses that one.lolx
  • No... he doesn't cry, but he does give you a look of such disgust! I don't think he's attached to it that much... but he really has taken a shine to it! X
  • Hiya

    Joseph is nearly 8 months and he has a 'bedtime bear' from Mothercare (infact he has two so he doesnt notice when one is in the wash!) I put it in the cot about 4 months ago because he was waking up through the night and my Mam suggested he might be lonely!! anyhow as soon as I put him in the cot he looks for it and goes straight to suck its hat! Iv got a video monitor and iv watched him when he is asleep and he cuddles him in and if he turns over he waits a few seconds realises that the bear is no longer in his arms and goes back for him then brings him back! all without opening his eyes!

    The bear NEVER comes out of the cot though.. dont want him dragging it around all day and becoming too dependent on it but think its lovely that he has a little friend to keep him company in bed!
  • Prettygirl, Millie is so attached to the doll (Tessy) that we have three of them just in case and to allow for washing!! Fortunately Tessy cost ??2 from Tesco. lol
  • Just thought I would add that my friend's 2 yr old has lots of fav toys and when he goes to bed in his cot he lines them all up and tells them all off saying 'NO!' to them all!!! He's a right bossy so and so!! I would love to eavesdrop on him.
  • Harri isnt at that stage yet but i have a bit of a connfesion......I am VERY attached to my teddy (its a rabbit actually) he sleeps with me EVERY NIGHT even if we go away he comes too. OH bought it for me 2 years ago and ive cuddled him ever since. Before Stevie (the teddy) i had a cartmen (southpark) teddy that i got when my parents split up when i was 11 so i cuddled that until i was 19 then stevie took over. I love him sooo much even tho he is grey, raggy, saggy and worn! And Oh is quite exepting of him thank god. shhh dont tell anyone!!!!!!!
  • Sunnymum I slept with a soft toy of some variety till I was 18 and I'm only 20 now. So we're both saddos!
    Now all my teddies are in Gabe's cot. He can't get to them as they're at the top of it and he's only 11 weeks. But maybe he'll show interest later. My sister had a gorgeous merrythought teddy and was totally bored by it but when my bro came along 8 years later he loved it. By the time he was 1 he carted it everywhere and it was filthy. He still sleeps with it & hes 10. x
  • My two are both blankey lovers! A friend bought Joe one before he was born and I used to swaddle him in it when he was tiny. He's 3 now and still sleeps with it (or one of them, we have 2 back ups just in case!!!!) and likes it in the car on long journeys. Evie snuggles the corner of her swaddle blanket at night too, as long as the edge of it is in her hand she's happy.
  • Just want to add,,,,even tho harri doesnt really show interest in teddies he has loads, didnt want everyone to think im a teddy meanie and deprive him of them, he only has a few i his cot tho, others are put away for when he bigger
  • Yeah mine has lots of stuffed toys and they are gathering dust on top of a cupboard. i have given him a few to play with but am saving the rest for when he shows more interest.
    P.S I also sleep with a teddy (and suck my thumb) and sometimes hubby hugs him too!!
    He would be mortified if he knew i had told you all!
  • This is soooo sweet!

    We got Tommy one made at Build-a-Bear and the woman gave Ollie (my nearly 7 old) the heart to make a wish before it went in!

    Luckily I asked him what his wish was - stupidly hoping it was gonna be something really sweet for Tommy! He replied "that Man United win the treble next year"

    Needless to say, the nice woman gave me another heart to put in so I could make a nice wish for Tommy! Am really hoping this is gonna be the bear he gets attached to when hes a bit bigger!!

    My OH said he had bought me a nice cuddly toy (on the phone) when I was pregnant with Tommy so I was expecting a really lovely one with I love you or something along those lines and was really looking forward to getting it! When I opened the bag it was a big shiny Oogie Boogie (from nightmare before Xmas - his fave film)! Was not impressed and, no, it doesnt come to bed with me! Maybe thats where Ollie gets his lack of sentiment from!!!!!!!!

    Love Lee
  • Lee, the big monkey that Millie takes to bed is the one that oh and me made for her at build-a-bear before she was born. I was really chuffed when she suddenly decided that it needed to go to bed with her!!!
  • at the age of 1 my daughter became very attached to her teddys she haid bear bear, dog and duck and every night we had to tuck them under her arms and put the duck in her hand and she carried them evrywhere for a while but by the time she was 2 she grew out of them! fin has a ragsy (muslin cloth) and a small teddy from asda!
  • Rhys sleeps with a build-a-bear monkey we got him when he was about a week old as when tiny he looked like a baby monkey ha ha.

    as for bein attached to random things my cousin would only sleep if he had his "postman pat" it was a really old pj top till he was about 8, then he swapped it for a blanket that had gareth gates sewn onto it ha ha still has it now n he's 15.
  • build a bear is a shop, so you would need to fine the nearset one to you, dunno if they sell online or not, they are lovely
  • brooke has georgie the giraffe but she isnt really attatched to him she likes to cuddle him every now and then!! but i have a confession too!! i am very attatched to my lumpy (heffalump out of winnie the pooh) i love her!! she sleeps with me every night and comes everywhere if we go away she even came into hospital when i had brooke!!! i cant sleep without her!! before her i had ted... who now sits at the top of bed behind headboard!! i have hundreds of teddies on the top of my wardrobe which i refuse to throw away or even bag up to put in the loft!! im a big teddy freak!!! love build a bear and bear factory!!

    im a sad bunny really lol!!!
  • My sister took her lo to the bear workshop or whatever it's called and got freaked out when they asked if she wanted to give the bear a voice

    Charlotte doesn't seem to have any preferences on toys. tbh she doesn't have many teddies yet mainly lots of toys.
    I have lots of Winnie the pooh toys in the loft which oh wants to get out for her but I'm being really cruel by not letting her have them yet! yes I know I'm a bad mummy..........

    I have a fave toy - not really a teddy but I'm showing my age now - can anyone remember Alf a programme on in 80's about a furry alien that lived with an American family...? Well I have a big furry toy of him which I have kept. He's in the loft too though!!
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