Calpol Advice Please

Hi Ladies,

Jason and I both have a stinking cold and he is so bunged up. He has a sore throat too and his cry is just a wee croak - so sad! I just want to do something to help him. He's 8 weeks old but the youngest Calpol says not for babies less than 2 months. He's only a few days short and is a big baby weighing well over the 9lb limit. Do you think its ok to give it to him or should we just ride it out?


a very snotty Faith and Jason.


  • He's big so I would say it's fine to give it to him. You could always phone your Dr and double check if you want to. If it was me, I'd just give it though.

    My LO was given Calpol by the paediatrician at the hospital when she was less than a day old to help with the pain caused by the ventouse delivery so I'm sure it's fine as long as you don't exceed the recommended dose.

    Hope you all feel better soon.

    B x
  • I wouldn't want to tell *you* that you should definitely administer a medicine and should probably advise you to ask a dr or pharmacist.

    However, we were in the exact same position at 8 weeks and I gave DS a half dose and it was fine. HTH.
  • Thanks Ladies, I was just going to get it from Tesc but I'll go to the chemist and double check with the pharmacist.
  • Check with your pharmacist but my DR told me that it is fine to give even newborns paracetamol (with medical advice obv) so I'm sure a small dose will be fine.

  • Luke just had his 8 week check and jabs at 8+2 and both the doctor and nurses we saw, said that we could use calpol if we needed to. I hth x
  • I phoned the GP and he said it was fine but the pharmacist wouldn't sell it to me! Grrrrr! Oh well he seems a good bit better after saline drops so he probably doesn't need it anyway.
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