BE party!!

Were having a virtual party!! Drinks, ciggies, sweets, junkfood, dirty jokes and general banter! So post away girlies! and nothing but love and laughs on this thread please!!! *turns music on* Feeling the love!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :lol:


  • Feeling the love as well!!!


  • Now i have that song in my head by micheal jackson something about making it a better place for you, me and the universe....i am xx
  • Can we change the tune to 'dancing queen' so we can all croon along or is it too early for that???

    *passes glasses of pinot grigio out*

    Oh and here are the fish finger sarnies too if anyone fancies!
  • Is it Heal the world?love Micheal Jackson,erm well no not HIM,hes odd!,but i love his music!faves being Man In The Mirror,and The Way You Make Me Feel!whoo He He!that didnt come out right but you all know what i mean!

    Maybe you can tell im guzzling a huge glass of wine!Benji is at his grannies tnt so going out later on...hope u all have a good night
  • oh going out in the real world?! No way!!! Enjoy!

    I am happy being 'out' here at the party - guess I have to drink all that vino myself as there are no takes!

    *grabs straw and bottle!*
  • lmao at benjismummy!! you get girl,,,get down on it! lmao! x

  • And a nice ice cold Corona with lime for me please!

    Funny phrase from me - naked fart! That is how my bf calls our boy during nappy change!

    AND I want a ten pack of Brioche buns!
  • oh i love brioche buns!! with chocolate in! dont wanna have a seperate party, so im going over to bedheads party now, come join me girlies!! bring your drinks!! naked fart is hilarious!!
  • I'm all ready to go out tonight in the real world too - have got my large vodka in hand and am ready to party!

    Hope you all have a good time and I hope my hangover in the morning is a virtual one lol
  • if only there was such a thing as virtual hangovers Tommysmum cus make mine one if so lol
  • lol lee have a good night!

    i am waiting on my chinese to come...5 mins yay. im soooooo hungry image
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