Update on Uni!

As you know i had my interview for Teesside Uni last week? Well not heard anything yet.

BUT i have had an unsuccessful from Northumbria Uni. I didnt even get an interview. Am so upset!!

I really hope Teesside liked me. i dunno what am gonna do if i dont get in image xxx


  • good luck, fingers crossed for you. xxx
  • Sorry to hear that but I really hope you get a positive response from Teeside - are you up in this part of the country then? I am just outside Newcastle - there don'#t seem to be many NE people on here!
  • Fingers crossed for the Teeside place, did you just apply to the two?
  • hi Honey!!

    can you get in touch with Northumbria and ask why you didnt get to interview? i know the demand for places is high, and it can be really tight with applications, but if you show that you want to know why you didnt, it may go in your favour for reapplying next year?

    my crossed fingers are almost cramping for you waiting for Teeside!! :roll:
  • Good luck hun! Have my fingers crossed for you.
    Craftycharlie where abouts are you? xxxx
  • In Prudhoe Northumberland, you?? Would be nice if there were a few of us in this part of the world - could even have a meet up???!
  • thanks girls. yeah i just applied to the two.

    Hi Craftcharli. I'm from consett in co. durham. Heard of it? would be nice wouldnt it? xx
  • Yep I have heard of it not far at all!!!! image
  • hi i to am waiting to see if i got into uni i had an interveiw at birmingham city am just waiting to hear?????
    what course are you applying for??
  • I applied for Midwifery!!

    Wow. wot a small world hey???
  • Craftycharlie I used to live in North Shiels, however I am now near Galashiels in Scotland but still not that far. Still come down that way as have family there! xxxx
  • Finally got my place at uni on the course I wanted to do by going through 'clearing'. That was 1994 though LOL. Dont know if it still works the same.
    Had to have an interview for my nursing which i started in 1997, but had already been told it was a formality as I already had my degree.

    Good luck, sorry I wasnnt much help.

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