Sleeping issues. What can we do?

Hi ladies,

Luke is 8 weeks old and we are following the easy routine by the baby whisperer. This has been working fab for us, however night times are a bit of an issues.

Luke goes to bed at 7:30 no problem at all. He then wakes between 11-12ish for his next feed. We have tried a dreamfeed but this does not work. After this feed he will normally go another 4 hour until 3 or 4. However after this feed he will go back down but will then wake every half an hour. He will sometimes strain but its as if he thinks its time to get up. Sometimes we can get him back down but within 20mins or so he is wide awake again. He isnt hungry as he will happily wait until 7am for his next feed. My husband ends up getting up with him as none of us get any sleep due to the noise. I just worry that it cant be good for him waking so early?

Has anyone else experienced this? Or has any ideas how we can get him to go back down after his last feed until at least 6ish?

Many thanks D xxx


  • My baby is quite similar to this at the minute. He is 7 weeks old and is sleeping from 10 - 4 most nights but I can't get him back into a sound sleep again. He doses for 20 minutes or so then is grunting and shuffling in his moses basket. If I comfort him and give hi sdummy he'll go back again for a few minutes but then it all starts again! Not much help but I feel your paon lol! I'll be interested to read the replies. I have found that if I bring lo into bed with me he will go into a deep sleep but its not something that I really want to get into too often.
  • Luke does exactly the same. If we bring him in with us he is out for the count but like you say its not something we want to get in the habit of doing. Hubby brought him in today for 5 mins and I made him move him back into his cot and within 5 mins he was wide awake again. But it does show that there is nothing 'physically' wrong with him because he goes back down so easily when in bed with us. These babies do like the test us lol xxx
  • have you tried a cot instead of moses basket?
    my lo (now 16months) would never sleep for long periods in the basket he would just kick his arms and legs about an scream but same as yrs he would settle straight away in my bed so i put him in his cot and he slept for much longer. dont know whether it was the extra room or whether he just didnt like his basket but it worked!
    good luck.x
  • I'm thinking the same thing too. This morning I have just lifted him out and put him on my bed when oh has got up and he has had a 20 minute kick around is out for the count now. We had planned to put up the cot this weekend so hopefully that might help because he'll have more room to play and then hopefully go off on his own.
  • Yes, DD sleeps better in her cot than she did in either her moses basket or her crib. We have also put much much darker blinds up in our room now, almost black out but not quite, and always do everything with low voices and a really dim nightlight before 630am ish - I also find the better the naps she's had in the day the longer she sleeps at night - if she's even the slightest bit overtired by the time she goes to bed, then she goes straight into a deep sleep at 7pm, is a nightmare to wake for her 10pm feed, then wakes up every hour from 4!
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