Reducing milk intake?

I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice!

My baby man is 15 weeks today, he's a big boy- almost 19lbs. For the past 2 weeks he isn't taking as much milk as he has been, he's FF and was taking 8 oz every 3 / 3.5 hours during the day, having his last bottle at 9 pm and sleeping until 8 am (lucky me eh?!) It worked out about 40 oz, I know it's a lot, but he needed it and seeing as he's happy and sleeps well I wasn't worried. Now for the last 2 weeks, I'm lucky if he takes 30 oz a day.

Does anyone have any idea why he's suddenly dropped so much milk? I've tried Google, but that hasn't offered anything!! Could he have just been going through a reallllllyyy big growth spur? or has he lost interest in milk? (Do babies do this?) He's still sleeping through and is still his normal happy self.


(also posted in April)


  • It could have been a growth spurt yes.

    If he's showing no signs of illness (ie high temp) that is the best possibility. He may also be teething which can make them a bit grizzly with taking bottles. My lo was certainly like that. She stopped bottles at about 8/9 months cos of teething!

    You have a very healthy bouncy one there. Charlotte is 19 months and probably only around 20lbs but she's a skinny minnie. always has been - only 5lb 14oz at birth.

    If you are concerned about his milk intake ask your hv/gp but I'm sure it's nothing.
  • Thanks!

    His gums have beeing giving him a bit of bother for weeks. I'm reluctant to ask HV for anything really, she worrys me more!! (and his weight is always an issue with her, makes me feel bad) I'll see how he gets on this week.

    Again, thanks. image
  • Try a bit of bonjela 10 mins before a feed and see if that makes any difference.

    But it could have been a long growth spurt, or perhaps he's more ready to feed every 4 hours, effectively dropping a bottle. They (whoever they are lol) recommend 4 hour feeds from about 4 months.

    He sounds like a lovely bonny boy to me and if he's still sleeping through he's obviously satisfied with what he's taking. Try not to worry xx
  • My lo has been like this for 4 weeks (she is nearly 17 weeks) and it started around the sme time she started teething! She is still putting on weight though so I am not concerned! She dropped from 28/30oz a day to 22/24oz! I think it is the teething personally!

    I wanted to change her to 4 hourly feeds but she won't let me! She screams after 2 1/2 / 3 hours and then only takes 3-4oz! It's a nightmare!

    Bonjele or dentinox teething gel on the gums works wonders!
  • Hi
    My lo is big girl, 21lb at 24 weeks. She was taking close to 40oz milk a day but gradually she dropped this herself. She gained weight rapidly from birth but has since steaded off but still gaining. If lo seems happy and content I wouldn't worry.
  • If hes happy and healthy then i wouldnt worry, If he wasnt sleeping through still then he would have wanted the milk but hes obv content with just 30oz. As he gets older his tastes will change and he may be more interested in moving around and not so hungry so im sure hes fine.
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