ahh am i the only one with a clingy baby!!!

millie use to be fine but from 6 months she started crying when i left the room then she got ill with a cold and really bad cough and started wanting me to pick her up all the time even when i'm sat with he she will try and climb on me and hug me which i love but not all the time! she is fine with my hubby when im not there but as soon as she sees me she starts moaning and putting her arms out for me to have her. is this just a phase?? i have heard girls r worse than boys for this! shes 7 months 2day x x


  • Evie can be like this, i don't pick her up all the time as she likes to enteratin herself. Anyway as a baby she would always go to anyone but the last couple of weeks if shes been with someone and i walk into the room she cries for me or if she can hear me but not see me she sometimes cries. I'm hoping its a phase as i don't want her being to clingy as it'll only make it worse when i have to leave her. Do you spend most of the day with her? i do with Evie although we do go out on mondays and meet other mums so i'm wondering if this could be a reason xxx
  • yeh my mum just said same its a phase most go through. i do spend all day with her although we go out alot and to a couple of baby groups a week and soft play areas. she seems to love older children likr toddlers! she gets sooo excited when she sees them! sorry diff topic lol x
  • thats exactly what lolah is like, shes 6 and half mths. she can sit on the floor and play quite happily and everytime i walk past her arms shoot up to me for me to pick her up. if i leave the room shes in hyserics and if my hubby picks her up she jus stretches her arms out to reach for me. hope its jus a phase they r goin thru. xxx
  • Teagan is just the same at the moment, she's 7 1/2 months. My HV said it's all part of them learning who they trust and who they come back to and will always be there for them. It's a pain sometimes but I try to look at it that she's showing me that she loves me and trusts me. Hopefully it'll pass soon!
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