Is something wrong with my baby?

I've just started weaning LO he's had baby rice and breast milk for a week and seems to love it!

But for the past couple of days he's been really crying and straining. Sometimes he goes really red and has started screaming - like a real piercing scream.
He stills has dirty nappies the same as before - same colour and smell (maybe TMI!!)

Has anyone had a similar experience?
Is he ok?
Have I weaned too early? He's 24 weeks (although born 2 weeks after EDD)

Thank you!!!


  • He's fine! I found after i had just started weaning my little girl that she was the same, the reason for her turned out to be the change in diet. Their little tummies aren't used to to dealing with anything but milk etc. Are you giving your LO some juice aswell? I give Grace a little juice with every meal. (She is 24 weeks tomorrow btw and i weaned her at 19 weeks because milk just wasn't enough anymore.) Grace was crying and straining and her nappies were quite solid (soz to say lol) I found pushing juice or cooled boiled water really helped. Don't know if this will help, hope it does if not and all his functions seem to be the same as always, maybe as HV? I don't find mine even slightly helpful, but you might be lucky xx

    Meg and Grace xx
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