Recommendations for beakers please!!

DD is 7 months. A little while ago I bought her a tommee tippee beaker for 6 months+. She cannot figure out how to use it and to be honest neither can I!! Both my DH and mum have also tried drinking from it and are surprised at how hard it is to get water out of it! Anyhoo DD is currently drinking from a basic TT free flow beaker. She has no problems with this one and I'm happy for her to continue with it as it means she gets water every meal time.

My only concern with this TT free flow beaker is that water gets spilt everywhere when it's turned upside down, so it's useless for taking out and about as it can tip over in my bag! The TT beaker that I said is really hard to drink from doesn't have this problem as it's one with a valve, but DD cannot drink from it!!

Do you have any recommendations for a beaker suitable for 7 months plus, that doesn't spill and that you can actually drink from?! I know that I could just perservere with the valve beaker but if even I can't figure it out, I can't expect DD to do so too!!

Thanks xx


  • We have the Avent Magic Cup soft spout beaker that has the option for handles. My DS drinks really well from it and it doesnt leak when he shakes it upside down-marvellous!!
  • Sorry - I'm a bit confused? Why can't you take to standard free flow beaker out with you? (doesn't the spout close?) I've always just chucked them in the changing bag and never had a problem.

    I would always recomend a free-flow beaker, as it is soo much cheaper, easier to clean, and much better for their teeth, they very quickly learn not to spill it.
  • Nikkiandnell- can I just ask why the valve ones arnt good for their teeth? I have the tt valve one for my son and he loves it si dont really want to change it but have never heard of them being bad for teeth?

  • It's for the same reason that bottles are bad for their teeth. I'm not sure of the exact science, but it's something to do with the sucking motion causing the sugars in the milk/juice (not a problem with water - obviously) being in contact with the teeth for too long, with a free flow cup the drink goes further back into their mouth and gets swallowed quicker.

    I don't think it's a massive issue - if your LO is happy with his cup then theres def no need to change it (as long as you brush his teeth - which I assume you'd do anyway) but if all things were equal, I would always choose a free-flow one. (IYSWIM?)
  • I always used the freeflow TT beakers when dd was a baby and plan to use them again - they did leak a bit if not upright but I always just put them in a small plastic sandwich bag in the changing bag - obviously only if your child isn't able to access it themself!
  • hi hun,

    I've got the free flow one as well which is great - apart from when out and about as you said - nikkiandneil - the spout is moulded and it doesn't have a lid to keep the water in when it is in your bag. You could take it out with you empty and take water in a flask/water bottle to empty into it?

    Or i also have this one which is quite good as well:

  • Ive got the one Ladybird has and its great. Only thing i can complain about it that the lid is crap and doesnt stay on so i take it out empty and either take a bottle of water or get water when im out, then tip it out after im finished. I'm going to start using the free flow ones soon and you get the ones that the spout bends down to seal it which is great for out and about. I find any that you have to suck dont work till they are much bigger, they need too much suck and the babies dont know what to do

    Gemm x
  • Oh ok thanks, he only has water in it any way image xx
  • You know,I have never actually tried to see if it leaks with the spout down!! Just tried it and it doesn't leak!! So now the issue is when DD wants the beaker she hasn't quite got the hang of which bit actually needs to go in her mouth and that's when the water spills out, whereas it doesn't with a valve beaker!

    I like the look of the ladybird and gemm have. How does the Lip touch technology thing work, is it a sucking action or does it flow out or what?!

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