A poorly little man

oh my goodness - what a day - really quickly toby went down hill - he has been slightly under the weather for a couple of days - started pulling his ear and then got chesty this was in about 2 hours - really high temp - took him to docs and he has a raging right ear a sore left ear and a chest infection - how did it happen so fast?


  • Oh your poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon. i think this is what's so worrying with babies, is that they can go down hill so fast. But this is exactly what happened with my friends baby a few wks ago, we were at our swimming class in the morning, then by the afternoon he had a soaring temp and was on antibiotics with a chest infection, and literally in the morning he was fine! You did the right thing tho and taking him to the Dr's, I always think better to be safe than sorry and get things checked out!!

  • Summer - we've been to the Dr's quite a few times with our Toby. He gets really poorly really fast. The Dr told me this happens with babies! But he also said they also get better really fast too. Keeping fingers crossed your Toby does!

    (Have been meaning to say on one of your posts for ages - you picked a great name for your little fella!!!)

    Joo & Tobes xxx
  • Oh no, you poor things, hope he gets better soon, take care xx
  • thank you ladies - hopefully a good night sleep will get him on the mend - Mummyjoo - toby is a fab name i agree - we cal him Tobes too! x
  • oh no poor toby sending loads of hugs x x x

    hubby just taken toula too hosp as temp going up and up allday even with reg calpol they said bring her in we couldnt both go i dont drive so im here with the boys .

    hope toby feels better soon x
  • Poor Toby, hope he's feeling loads better soon.

    Hope Toula's ok too

    Big big hugs xx
  • aw poor wee man hope he gets well soon x
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