what contraceptive do you use?

I had my 6wk post natal check up at the docs yesterday, and said I would like to go back on the pill (I've been on the same one for 6 years before LO) and she was really reluctant for me to go back on it.
She said 'mmm, but will you remember to take it this time?' image !!!
Then she spent about 15mins trying to persuade me to have some form of long lasting contraceptive like the coil or implant until I stated that my LO was planned and I was more than capable of remembering to take the pill for the previous 6yrs.

What a cowbag she was!

Anyway now my hubby has stated that he wants to use condoms instead, which I think is just ridiculous. I've told him I'm broody already and would like to start trying now if he'd let us (which he wont) and it's not as if I'd miss a pill on purpose to get pregnant so the Doc has obviously made him worry.

I'm going to stay on the pill because it works for me, but I just wondered what everyone else used?

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  • Hi

    I use the pill. I used it since I started going out with my now hubby - so 9 years and never had a problem. I had my 6 week check at hospital because of the mess I was in after having Lily and it wasn't mentioned. My midwife asked me 3 weeks after the birth and I said pill and she said it was fine. I went back on it after 8 weeks and things are fine. Hubby didn't mind as he said it was what I was happiest doing.

    I think your doctor was a bit cheeky!

  • Hiya hun, I think your doc was way out of line to say that to you! Its your choice at the end of the day and you have to have what contraception is right for you, whats right for one isn't alwaysright for another!!
    I was on the mini pill when I fell preg with Holly and for arious reasons decided against going back on it and that I wanted the mirena coil. It was the best option for me as I knew we would be having a stressful year with moving to a new country ect ect and an unplanned preg on top of that was NOT on my list lol
    You have to do whats best for you and if you want to go back on the pill as long as there are no health reasons I can't see why they wont let ou.
    Amy xxx
  • i tried the patch as i didnt want anything inserted and i would NEVER remember to take the pill and wouldnt trust myself with it anyway, previously i couldnt take it because of blood pressure problems which seem to have righted themselves during pregnancy...however the patch didnt agree with me and i couldnt understand how it could stop me getting pregnant so neither me or OH trusted it...we're now just using condoms which i feel bad about but nothing seems to agree with me so there's not much we can do :\(
  • im going on the mini pill first (after being on microgynon for 7 years), but i had cholestasis during pg so i cant go back on microgynon as it has enzymes in it that will effect my liver, if the mini pill doesnt suit me then ill try the implant.

    i think ur GP was well out of order, and i would have complained if it were me...they are meant to be there as your GP and for support, not to judge.

    Condoms are not 100% effective as they can split etc so i wouldnt use them in a million years! plus it doesnt feel the same (sorry if TMI)

    good luck and i hope you find something that works for you!
  • me & oh are using condoms at the moment cause i'm bf & mini pill makes me ill, i've had the implant before and i was really ill on it so wouldnt recomend it xxx
  • We're using the calendar method.... or at least, will be when I get my periods back (I'm bf). If we feel the need to do it in the crucial window we'll use condoms. If I do fall pregnant then fine - it was obviously meant to be image

    I'm not going back on the pill until our family's complete - it was such a nightmare coming off it last time and no matter what people say I'm sure being full of hormones for years on end can't do you much good.
  • My post-natal check with Jack was cancelled, and they have had a delay in re-booking it. I'm going on Depo-Pro injection, I was on it for 9 months before coming off and TTC Kelsie. Atm we're using condoms :evil: but I had a 12 month gap between mine, and my body is just not ready for more!! We dont want anymore either. Fingers crossed I should be having Depo-Pro next thurs image

  • At the moment, it's the 'not at all' method!!!!! Not brilliant but needed as we don't want anymore now! dh will be going for the snip asap.......I carried them all and gave birth so he can go get his bits out and have a bit of pain for a change lol
  • haha Mummyx5 I'm a fan of the buggeroffuntilyou'vehadthesnip gang too but as you know I'm struggling with the never again bit so we are using the trusty pull and pray until I get my coil on the 9th!
  • :lol: Mummy x 5

    & camlo never heard it called that before but that's exactly what were doing too! :lol:

    took me 2 and a half years to concieve Charlie then 9 months pregnant and now Charlie is almost 6 months.. and we haven't used anything for all that time.. sort of spoilts you a bit :lol: lets face it noone really loves having injections/take pills/condoms ect..

    To be quite honest tho if I did get pregnant again it would be a very happy accident as we DO want more :lol: were just a bit scared! lol x
  • i've been on many different types of pill because i could never find one that suited me then once i got fed up of all the headaches and side effects of the pill i went onto the depo injection and it was the best thing for me. It lasted 3 month then you went back for the next one. I wanted to go back on it after my daughter but like everyone else i was getting fobbed off with the coil or implant and i told them there wasn't a chance in them putting anything up inside me that could dislodge and go on a wander. lol and i wasn't having a thing put in my arm that requires being cut when removed. Bugger that one! So i just took the pill and left.


  • I have the depo injection and i am having probs with it. i am spotting all the time and i am having a period every 8 weeks but two days before i come on i am really ill with kidney infections. i dunno if its down to the injection or not, drs doing tests. i dont think its working for me. i've just recently split from baby's dad so think i will have a break for a while. not gonna be sleepin with anyone for a long time lol xxx
  • I was on the pill before i got pregnant for about 10 years and I got pregnant straight after coming off it. I went on it again after my 6 week check up and never had any bother.
  • well before i had my kids i had been on the pill 2 and a half years when it failed i had taken in every day withour fail but i still got pregnant turns out smoking affects it afectivness.
    After him i went on the injection but came of it after a year to have my daughter.
    after my daughter i had the coil put in as i hated the injection because i hate needles and they left me with a sore bum for days,but 2 and a half years after it was put in it failed and my son was concieved.

    Now iv gone back on the injection and hoping it works as last time i never got to the magical fail mark of 2.5 years lol.

    Hubby has sajested condoms but they fail as well nothing is 100% and to be honest i think the spoil the mood, stopping what your doing to open the stupid things and put one on, it was all well and good when single but we have been togeather over 8 years and are married now.
  • my contraception is currently fightng sleep and chewing on my pinky finger!!!!! LOL!!! But i am also using ther mini pill(i am bf) just incase our first method decicdes he does actually want to sleep and oh and i could actualy have some fun again!!
    love fiona and hayden 12wk
  • i went bk on the pill after having my boy. i use to be terrible on it by forgetting but know i use my alarm so i take it everyday. never did me any harm.
  • i hate the pill and wont take anything that could affect my fertility as we misccarried before i had david and i dont want to risk it, as i had an eating disorder i didnt think id ever be able to have children, thankfully now i have had david i dont want to risk anything.. so condoms it is!
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