cot bed bedding?

Hi ladies

This might be a odd question but when using a cot bed in toddler bed mode does a normal single duvet set fit on or is that too big?

What does eveyone else use once baby is 12 months? Millie is still using her grobags but think she will be grown out of them in a couple of months so need to sort out what to get......i want to get her something she can use in the cot but then in the bed mode too.....i have a feeling a single duvet is too big but dont know what else to use....i dont really want to get her any bigger grobags as would like her to get use to a duvet!



  • You can get bigger grow bags if your LO is happy in them. I got a cotbed duvet in mothercare

    Gemm x
  • i got my cotbed bedding from babies r us although i also have a set my mum has made, cant wait to use it, bubs isnt bug enough yet x
  • try dunelm mill for cot bed duvets. or you could turn a single duvet sideways and tuck it under the mattress
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