help my 5 months old is......

my 5 month old is bein very clingy any time i leave the room he screams i cant put him down because he cries i give him all my attention all the time but things r not getting done around the house no more i really dont know what to do please help me!!! any sugestions??????


  • hey,

    Louise has been through many phases like this! I just either dont get anything done or take her around the house with toys or when she would sit still in her bouncy chair. I sing and talk to her too so she still feels she has my full attention.
  • iv tried a baby carrier but he is just far to heavy for me to carry lol (sounds silly but he is) he was 10lbs 4oz when he was born but he pu on so much weight now its impossible to do things properly with him round my waist, i try talking to him or even singing but thats no use he gets more frustrated because he cant see me. Life just seems 10 times more difficult than it should be image
  • How heavy is he? Louise is 21lb (8 months) and i've just a great new baby carrier that is fine with her in it at that weight.

    As horrible as it is to hear our lo's cry he will learn that you will come back.
  • i hope so i feel i have to rush to do everything just so he doesnt cry to long i feel really bad
  • We had this with Teagan at around 6 months, it's hard isn't it? I put her in her walker so that I could wheel her around with me downstairs, and left the upstairs until my husband came home from work so he could look after her. It does pass but it seems to last forever at the time!

    Corinna x
  • aww poor u starting early! millie started this stage at 6 months and is stil like it now at 7months! its very annoying! i tend to put her in the room im in if im washing up i tend to do it after her dinner while shes having her finger foods as this keeps her occupied for a while and she asl goes in her ufo walker while i clean the kichen. i even take her with me for a wee!! lol
  • Think all LOs go thru this stage wen they are babies, i found the thing was not to give in. I know its really hard wen they are crying but as long as there is nothing wrong (need feeding, changing, ill) then just leave them to cry. Otherwise ull be making a rod for ur own back coz ur LO will get used to getting ur attention staright away, and especially as he gets older it wnt be possible for u to be there all of the time, Gud luck hun, its hard but it doesnt last 4ever xxxx
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