So we decided not to find out Peter's sex before he was born and kept it for a surprise at his birth (and a surprise it was as I was convinced he was a girl throughout!) We have stocked up on lots of white and cream baby clothes, as well as things in navy, brick red and green, including his white wooly pram suit with ears - much needed, given the current weather.

Anyway, today we went for a walk to the post office and to pick up a toy box and a few other errands, including stops at the supermarket and the card shop. Because it is a bit chilly, Peter was wearing his pram suit and was wrapped in a white knitted shawl with a lacy edge. Along the way Peter was well and truly admired (only to be expected with such a gorgeous baby image). And not once but twice people said, 'Oh, it's a girl, isn't it?'! image And when I said, 'No, he's a boy' they replied, 'Oh, I just assumed because of what he is wearing.'

Now I am paranoid that I am going to completely screw with my poor son's gender identity by dressing him in all the knitwear I have made for him. There is even a small outfit trimmed in a peach tone that might be taken for pink! But since when did white and fluffy come to be associated with girls rather than small, cuddly babies of either sex? :\? :lol:

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  • Dont worry, I dress Louise is pink/purples most of the time. I've still had people think she's a boy! Partly though because I call her Lou.
  • Don't worry about it. I don't understand people sometimes. I knew the sex of both my girls - They are always in Pink (all you can really get for small babies) and still people say 'oh what a lovely little boy'. Would anyone really dress a baby boy in pink???
  • I have the same problem with my little girl.
    Even when she's dressed head to toe in pink people come up and say "isn't he lovely". I just look at them bemused until they put two and two together!
  • i have been asked if cams a girl when he was about 4 months wearing a navy blue tshirt with BUGS embroidered on the front! why would i put a little girl in that?
    cameron used to have a white pram suit in the shape of a bear hun, he's still very much a mucky, boisterous little boy!
  • Thanks for the reassurance, ladies. Some people are very odd, aren't they?

    Listef, Peter is certainly boisterous! But he was asleep at the time which can be rather misleading... image
  • We got it too when Oscar was in the "neutral" stuff (we didn't find out either). It bugs me that people assume unless the baby's dressed in blue you have a girl!

    On saying that on one occasion he was head to toe in blue with a top saying "mummy's new man" on it and was told I had such a beautiful girl!!
  • Seriously people are potty Alf looks like a little lad-there is no doubt about it! In Tesco one day he was wearing all blue (we don't normally I'm more a bright and bold colour kinda person!) and had a blue balnket wrapped round him and an older lady said 'Oh she is such a cutie' Matt and I just looked each other and the ladies husband said to her 'it's a BOY!' patting the blue blanket!! People are just plain old odd! x
  • LMAO Katie!! Imagine thinking a baby in a pink frilly costume is a boy!! Some people are weird!! hee hee.

    Jaimi-Lee was dressed head to toe in pink one day (as everyday lol) and a stupid lady asked if she was a boy or a girl, duh!!! :x :lol:

    Sharon x

  • Well Benjamin is totally screwed then!lol.I chose not to find out and my mum was convinced i was going to have a girl,so much so she knitted some pink,peach( and lots of white stuff!!! )cardigans and hats ect...
    I dressed him in the whites and blues obviously but several times when my mum had looked after him i went round to cllect him only to find him a pink cardie(he was cold,so my mum said,and it was the only cardie in the house lol)
    I hold my hands up to putting tights on him in winter and his fave ITNG character is Daisy and he has a doll of her he carries everywhere and takes to bed(hes 19mths now ha)
  • I dont think it matters what they wear people these days dont tend to think before they speak. I go to my local butchers quite regularly and the guy on the counter had a girl a couple of weeks after me. He rememebrs who I am Mrs.... but always refers to my daughter as a boy. How is he doing, it is a boy isnt it . He said to me yesterday. I alsways correct and say no her names Jemima and shes a girl! I would ahve let him off this time as she had a white jacket on and not much hair in her pushchair. But the last few times I have been holding her and she has been wearing a dress with tights on!! Peopler eally dont think do they!
  • Don't flame me but personally I think it's nearly impossible to tell the sex of most newborn babies, and lots of older ones, just by looking at their faces. When Lily was smaller a few people thought she was a boy when she was dressed in neutrals - and I couldn't blame them for not being able to tell, really!

    If they're wearing little pink frilly clothes or dungarees with diggers on, though, you'd have thought people would be able to put two and two together....

  • Gabe is 10 months old hun and he still wears white things on a regular basis ... I just like them! The other day he was in a cream jacket and had a white dummy. He was getting his picture took & the photographer said "How old is she?" lol.

    He also has a white snowsuit with ears that he wore till very recently!
  • Ellie is a girl, she looks like a girl even in white, i have a pink bugaboo & she's always in a girlie colour yet people ask if she's a boy...i think its deliberate! xx
  • Iv never had this with Zacky - probably because i dont get out much LOL. Some people just speak before they think.

    PS Zackys got a white snowsuit as well. It was either the white (mothercare) limited edition one with the cute paw prints on the feet, or the black Baby K one (those were the only 2 i could find at short notice). The black 1 looked like a more girly style to me so didnt have it LOL.
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