BLW question

Morning ladies!

My not so little anymore man, is just over 6 months. He's fully weaned and enjoys feeding himself more than anything. He's a little independent sole bless him image

This morning we had toast together for breakfast, after he practised his new trick of throwing it on the floor :lol: (my dog LOVES weaning!) he polished off the whole new slice I made him leaving not even a crumb!

My question is how do I know he's had enough? I know milk is supposed to be his main soutrce of food but he just isn't intrested in it at all, so im keen to make sure he has enough food, but I dont want to be overrfeeding him. So if he polishes off the lot do I give him more or do I do as I did this morning and think a slice of toast 3 hours after a 9oz bottle is enough? I expect waste now im confused :\?

Sorry for the long rambling post im shattered :lol:

Em and Dylan 27 weeks xxxx


  • Hi. I'm not at the weaning stage. But I do know you can't over feed a baby. They will eat because they are hungry, and stop when they're full. Children won't just eat from boredom, or because it is there until the age of 2 or 3. HTH. xx
  • Trust little man - he will stop when he is full - you are giving him an amazing attitude to food by following blw and he is doing brilliantly!

    Toby is completely blw and i just have to trust that when he stops - thats it

    hugs to you and dylan x x x x

    ps - i am trying your pasta idea for tobys tea tomorrow - thank you x x
  • Wow a whole slice of toast! thats fab! Weve been BLW for 4 months and my LO still only manages half at the most!!!

    I agree with Summerimage Trust Dylan! he will soon let you know if he was hungry still!

    Well done though thats fab!!!
  • It's as mithical says. They know when they've had enough. Wish Dylan would come round and show Zach how to eat. We are BLW and he is nibbling little tiny bits at most. This is after point blank refusing purees and bottles. So we are still bf mainly. Well done Dylan! Does he have teeth? x
  • No teeth he gums everything!!!! He has a rare appetite on him :lol: he would eat Zach's food too Eva!

    Summer Dylan loved pasta and sauce, went down a treat he looked like an oompa loompa at the end from the tomato sauce but ate nearly a whole bowl full, with a big grin on his face!

    He's a big boy so I think his appetite matches image im very proud of how well he's doing with it.

    Thanks ladies xxxx
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