my baby girl mubbles n chatters in her sleep

Caitlin has over the last days started to coo n chatter to her bed time bunny in her sleep, i swear i thought she was awake but nope she was zonked omg another talkative child noooooooooooooo lol
Robbie my 5 year old talks n sings in his sleep n my OH just farts n laughs in his

Why are my familly such nutters lol

does anyone else have a wierd family like me, please tell me you do n im not the only one lol


  • Your kids sound so cute!

    (not sure if the same can be said for your oh's farting, I have to put up with that myself from my oh!).
  • lol @ Caitlin bless her. Your gonna have one in each ear now! Maybe its a good thing.......they can chat away to eachother!!

    You can have a full blown convo with J in his sleep and he wont wake up. Same as his dad lol
  • Youre not alone! evie woke me up last night chattering away and making excited noises and even giggling really loudly, i went through to settle her and she was fast asleep on her tummy squirming about, obviously having a brilliant dream! lol
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