Help! Double pushchairs? Jane, phil n teds???

Again, anyone had or used one?
Desperatly trying to find a double pushchair suitable for Theo and pink bump! Both seats need to recline fully so any suggestions?
Theo will be 11 months plus newborn.


  • Got all confused and answered you in Prengnay by mistake hun!
  • i have a phil and ted and i dont have a bad word to say about it its brill, i have a little girl 21 months and a boy 5 weeks old, i have the red sport one, but the only down side for you is the toddler seat doesnt recline but is quite laid back, millie can fall asleep in it no problems x
  • answered your other thread but ive got this one

    got a 5% discount code if your interested

  • hey hun im in the same situation as u and so far i really like the icandy pear the best.It looks like the quinny buzz but with 2 seat units,u can use a carry cot or maxi cosi car seat for the newborn and it has 20 different positions that u can have the babies in ie;facing u or outwards,both seats recline flat or sit up.U can also use it as a single pushchair when ur older one is walking which i love the idea of!! if u google icandy pear u should find the website xxx
  • Hi, I have alot bigger difference between mine 2years! However I spent ages debating what I wanted I really didn't like the idea of Phil&teds and was considering icandy! However seen friends with both and the Icandy is very cumbersome! I ended up going for phil&teds sport and really can't recommend it enough! Its fantastic! The second seat doesn't fully recline however looks very comfortable and my two year old has no problems having a nap in it !
    The cocoon is very cosy for little babies and can easily popped straight into cot after returning from a walk or outing! I also have the car seat adaptor for maix cosi! This allows baby to face me up top, and although not recomended by phil and teds I pop the seat underneath aswell! It really has been fantastic so far can't rate it enough!

    Gail x
  • I love the look of the icandy pear but its the price, its about 500 pounds new! I've found one I like called mamas and papas duette but again, its 595! I've looked and pushed a few phil and teds around but have decided I really dont like them. I like the idea of the jane but as only the back seat reclines properly I dont think it'll be suitable because pink bump will eventually grow out of the car seat and I'll be left with the same problem.
  • I was interested in the pear but couldn't find anywhere to actually look at one - then I read some bad reviews on it (can't remember what they said though sorry). I went for the P & T vibe which i am pretty pleased with except nowhere to hang shopping bags and hard to get stuff in the basket when there are two in it. Also as others have said no recline on the back seat which is where baby will be going when she is six months - and the one mostly likely to need the seat to recline.

    i don't think there is a perfect double out there it's just whichever one suits your needs best
  • I like the jane twin two, it looks as if both seats recline on that one.
  • i have just seen this pushchair on the mothercare web site and it looks really comfy and cosy.I dont like the phil and teds because you cant see the shoving it in the shopping basket!!!
  • We have a phil and Teds and I love it! Ive had it for 4 years now since my first little girl was born and its still going strong after 2 more!!! Im still using it for my 2 yr old and 8.5 month old its fab! I even broght the new secongd seat when it came out so I have the back one that reclines too. Its fine for a baby to sleep in. Then the front seat reclines too so they can both have a kip image Livs has been in it from 4 months and b4 that was in the 'lie flat' baby and toddler mode. My eldest has even hitched a lift sitting on the hood bit b4 and the even with the weight at the back it doesnt tip! They are so well made, cant rate my pushchair enough x x x x
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