Tomato Seeds

Why do i have to de-seed a tomato when I am cooking for my 8 month old? I've just made up a batch of sauce but didn't deseed it - but have now noticed that all Annabel Karmel recipes say to deseed but I've no idea why this is! Any clues....??


  • i didnt de-seed the other day either! why do you need to, as its blended? im wondering now too! xxx
  • I may be paraphrasing slightly but I'm sure I've heard that: "Life is too short to stuff a pepper or deseed a tomato". I stand by that quote.
    But seriously, I have no idea why you'd need to deseed it. I would think that the seeds would just pass through LO's system.
  • Okay, that's fine then, just checking he wasn't going to have some hideous long lingering death that would see me splashed all over the papers and jailed for eternity just because he swallowed a tomato seed!
  • lol - BABY GROWS TOMATO PLANT OUT OF BUM - I will be keeping an eye on the papers over the next few days for that headline.
  • oh no is that whats wrong with harris bum! oh wait i can see a leaf poking out! aaaghhh! lol, better water him! xxx
  • i have never deseeded them in cooking.. when i give them to her raw as finger food i take the middle out but thats just to save the mess coz she squishess it through her fingers!! lol... i dont see why u wud have to. they aint exactly great big seeds r they!!! lol xxx
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