sweet or savoury?

Dont get me wrong I love chocolate but I couldn't live without crisps or cheese and crackers!! So I think I'd sway towards savoury! Tyler is 5 months and eats pretty much everything so Im not sure what he prefers yet but my other are definately like me - they love cheese!!

Elaine&Boys xx

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  • me and my youngest 2 are definately savoury, oliver is a cheese monster image
  • OOOOOOOooooooooooh......... me savoury!!! Stick me in front of a classic buffet (porkpie, quiche, scotch egg, chicken drummers, ect) and I will demolish the lot!!! YUM!!! Eoin eats everything really......... he says "yum" to every mouthful! xxx
  • Sweet for me. I never understand when someone says some foods are 'sickly' or 'too sweet' cos for me, there's no such thing!
    My mum didn't know she was pregnant until 24 weeks, and the only symptom she had, was a massive craving for cream cakes (and she is a savoury kind of person).
    Gabe definitely prefers savoury. Though he will eat pretty much anything.
  • I cant decide!!!! I love crisps and anything cheezy but I love biscuits!!!! (I can't get out of bed in the morning without having a cup of tea and biscuits.....then I have my breakfast a bit later - I blame it on breastfeeding......)
  • I think in general I'm savoury but if the mood gets me I'll eat sweets and chocolate 'til they come out my ears!!!!
  • mmmm can i be awkward and pick both? this post has got me hungry. i just love food in general, crisps and chocolate - if i go to a vending machine at work cant get one or the other - always both! i adore crisps with dips, yum yum, but also love cakes and biccys. yum yum
  • i used to devour a massive choccy bar in 5seconds flat, but ever since being pregnant, anything sweet makes me heave. i think our son will be a savoury baby, just like his daddy, and im hoping to get my sweet tooth back as i miss cheese cake and chocolate, and the odd trip to the confectioners !!
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