Cant deal with it anymore!

My boy has been fighting his 7pm bottle most nights now for over a month and its really getting to me. Its so much of a struggle that im lucky to get 3oz in him. He only has a bottle in morning which hes fine with and then this one which is a nightmare, I wouldnt care but it wakes him in the night now and when on the odd occasion he does drink it all he will sleep through. Im desperate it him to drink more! Anyone got any ideas or in same boat as me? Im sooooooo stressed out by it image


  • Hello, my lo is exactly the same at the minute, and has been for the past 3 weeks, she refuses to lay in my arms when I feed her, and is constantly figiting (sorry if that is spelt wrong) so, I now feed her with her head against my chest and I give the the bottle lid to play with, it keeps her amused and 9 times out of 10 she drinks nearly all the bottle. I hope this helps, chin up, just remember you are doing a fantastic job. Claire

  • Jack is the same. He gulps his first bottle wont entertain his lunchtime one and his nightime one he may drink 3-4oz if im lucky. He just plays with the teat in his mouth. Ive started to make up his cereal with formula instead of water to make sure he gets enough! xx
  • Thanks Claire, havent tried the lid thing so will definately give that a go tomorrow night
  • Hi Sammy and naughty monkey Jayden!

    Have you tried giving him 1/2 his bottle after his dinner and then the other 1/2 at 7pm? Joshua used to go through stages of not wanting his 7pm feed even though he needed it so we split the feed into 2. I suppose it depends what time Jayden feeds- Joshua has his dinner at 530pm so we would give him 3 1/2oz at 545pm then bath quiet play and then 3 1/2oz at 645pm...somtimes he would take it and sometimes he wouldnt. He's 1 now so he feeds himself with his beaker before bedtime...its bliss! xxx
  • Hi hunibuni, i always make sure i use milk in cereal and he has yogurt in the day but just wish he would drink he milk and get a full nights sleep!
  • Vicky you are a clever lady! I might well try that you know! Do you give it straight after dinner or wait like 20mins or so? Jayden has his dinner and 4 and usually bottle at 7 x
  • It depends- if Jayden is a good eater you could alternate between dinner and milk e.g couple of spoons then some milk, or you could give it to him straight away afterwards. We gave Joshua's straight after dinner but thats cos he ate like a horse anyway so the extra milk never interfered with his dinner time. What I would say is its deffo more important that he has his dinner rather then the milk cos you will be eventually weaning him off his evening bottle. Another thing you could look at is his teet size- I totally fogot that they did different sizes and Joshua was on size 2 for ages when he should have been on size 3! xxx
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