may we join u (officially) please ?? :)

hi ladies and babies , well i finally gave birth to my beautiful baby daughter sophia grace on monday 2nd feb at 5.56 pm after a very quick labour if its ok we can now (officially )join this forum ....(i have been posting a few times already :lolimage ...........were very tired but besotted with her and jack is being very very good which is fab image .......i have put my birth story on pregnancy forum and i will put up some pics when my computer stops being stoopid :lol: ........we look forward to getting to know u all and sharing advice xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lisa,jack and sophia grace xxxxxxxxxx


  • hi i'm Alex and my little girl is Evie shes 13weeks, i love the name you picked xxx
  • Welcome to baby! Congratulations!!! X
  • Hi welcome and congrats!
    Im Gill and my little boy Connor is 20 weeks
  • Hi,

    welcome and congratulations! What a lovely name,

    I'm lisa and I have a 6 1/2 month old Louise
  • Congratulations, I'm Hayley and my lo is 1 and called Charlotte.
    Beautiful name by the way. I like the old classical names (hence Charlotte).
  • Hey,
    Congratulations and welcome to Baby! I have a lo who is 6 and half months old.
  • Congratulations & welcome!
  • Congrats! I am Jenny, My lo is Jonathan and he is 7.5 months old xx
  • ahhh thanks ladies i already knew u were all lovely image .......i do wish this website would stop being stoopid ive tried replying twice :evil: sure over the next couple of days i will be posting with loadssss of questions :lol: its amazing how quickly i have forgotten !! for now i suppose i should try and get some rest while jack is in nursery and sophia is totally confused about day and night :roll: image then maybe ill be able to think straight ..he he

    lisa jack and sophia grace xxxxxxx
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