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We were sort of looking at houses earlier last month (before Ol got ill and we forgot all about it) and hubby saw one house he really really liked - we booked a viewing for it he liked it that much!
It was a nice big 4 bed house, almost twice the size of house we have now, but with half the garden.... (just means we couldnt grow our own veg anymore)
its in a great position, on the edge of town, with fields to the front of it, and a nice pub just round the corner (not a busy nighttime pub, but does good food) and is a detached house image
The house itself seems to meet most of our needs... we could give the kids a room each, and still have a reasonably big sized guest room... its gardens are enclosed and private, but get sun most of the day.... its 5 mins walk from the local primary school...... (and about 15 mins from the high school) but it is up a bigggggggggg hill :\( (I hate hills - live in the wrong place really!)

The lack of gardens we can cope with (we've been truly spoilt by having a garden 3 times the size of our current house - although it was a lot of work )

We only have a small mortgage at the moment, with about 8-9 years left on it, and we have spoken to the lender to see how much more we could have, and it all fits, we could afford it and split the mortgage so the original one from this house is still paid off in 9 years, and only the extension for the new house is still being paid for a further 10 years after that...
The house needs a bit of work on it, but its nothing that we cant sort out, even if its slowly.
The house is worth so much more than ours ever will be (apparantly our garden is worthless and the addition of a third bedroom/lounge etc will only add on the same value as it has cost to do, at most...) and its value will go up again at some point, so it will be worth more...

Heres the bit that gets me - the viewing we booked was cancelled as someone made an offer on it the day after we booked the viewing.
Hubby was gutted.
I found out it was back on the market on saturday, and spoke to him about it today after i had rung the estate agency to confirm it - and it is back up for sale..... they couldnt complete.......

Is it fate? We've booked another viewing for tomorrow, hubby is all excited again albeit tentatively.......

Are we mad to even be thinking of moving? Hubby keeps saying that its a good time to move up on the property ladder - because now the housing market has gone down by 10% (or whatever the actual figure is) we get more of a 'discount' on a house worth more than a house worth less.. (did that even make sense?)

It could all be pants as we could get to the house tomoz and it could be really grotty and horrible, and not what we were expecting, but part of me thinks what if its not...

and what if, even though we're having major problems with the neighbours currently, I am not prepared to move or lose our large garden....

Is it the best thing to be thinking of?
Any advice/opinions welcome - especially from those in the know! image



  • Sounds like a no brainer to me hun! I'd say trust your instincts tomorrow - if you like it - go for it! xx
  • Sounds like fate to me! I'd def go 4 it if i was in ur position!! Good luck!!
  • I say move! Assuming that the house is that nice when you see it obviously. Then phone the local council and get your names on the waiting list for an allotment so that you can carry on growing your own veg!
  • I'd say same as Tiger Lily, if you all love the house go for it!

    We are hoping to move next year, as like you say, you get more of a discount on a more expensive house with the falling prices.

    Good luck with the viewing! And give it a chance- I didn't like my house when I first looked at it and only bought it as we were pretty desperate but once we'd done some work on it it felt toally different and I love it now! If I could build on a couple of extra rooms and a garden I'd never move!

  • y'know if it wasnt for the neighbours we wouldnt even be considering moving....

    I'm going with an open mind, as hubby has already decided what we could do to diff bits and where prams etc could be stored...

    Just not sure if it really is the right time to move. It would put us at our limit, and with me going on mat leave next year...... although its not much less than i earn anyway, only bout ??15 a week less
    I dunno. :roll:

  • From what you have written I think you shoud move definately!
  • I do think there is something in fate! But having said that I think it will all become clear tomorrow when you see it. You'll either love and know it's the right move or you won't! image Also I agree with Bedhead, you could always apply for an allotment if the garden is too small.
  • I think with things like houses you need to follow your instincts lke someone else said. You'll know if it's the place for you and your family when you walk through the door-it'll have the feel. Have to say it sounds fab! I dream about having a 4 bedroomed house-one day but I might have to go back to work booooo!! Good luck and lets us know what happens x
  • We have had plans drawn up and approved for a single story extension...but there is a house round the corner that was niggling us. So 3 weeks ago we went to look. It is a repossesion but the house is a new build approx 3 years old. It is huge and would be a forever house...but it needs a little work previous owner 'trashed' a few rooms! It is a bargain price and we would go back to 25 years with our mortgage for this house...BUT...we have to sell ours and things are not selling on our estate right now. So we have decided we do want to move but by the time we sell ours I bet that one is gone! And we have wasted money on the plans etc for the extension we now have no intention of doing all because we are rubbish at making decisions!

    I would say if you love this house and can afford it then do it! Have a look see what you think and let us know!!!!

  • Ah yes, that would be the other thing - trying to sell ours.....

    it would most likely sell because of the huge garden, but the neighbours are a nightmare, and would possibly try to make it hell for us to sell up...., so if anyone was to come viewing it we would have to try and time it for when they are both out - considering him next door is a manic depressive (who can still, somehow, manage to do everything normal and give us shite as well whilst claiming enough money in benefits to afford an 18k conservatory, and she only works 10 hours a week as a cleaner...... - - - NO offence meant to people who really deserve these but next door to us dont!) who decides randomly to come into our garden and give us hell through our back window for no reason.... it may prove difficult to time it for when he is out.... he varies his activities everyday....


    I'll stop thinking of reason why not for now and just see how the viewing goes......
    (and the only reason we can afford a 4 bed house, is because 11 years ago when hubby bought this house it was full of woodworm so he got it really really cheaply and got it all treated and the boards etc replaced then certified as free from it.... and its now worth about 5x the amount he got it for, hence we have a small mortgage image and it would only be another ??30k to get the bigger house even if we didnt haggle them down on the price)

    Anyone in mortgages/estate agency business that could give me a rough figure of how much less we could give as a first offer (if we went ahead) if i gave them the details...?


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  • Hi there

    Hope the viewing goes well. Just wanted to say that we onlymoved from our old house cos our neighbours started causing us trouble when we replaced our fence - that was the ONLY reason we put our house on the market as we were quite happy there. However, it was the BEST thing we have ever done! I often wonder whether I should pop round and thank her for being a cowbag!!! :lol: Our new house is fantastic, perfect for us in a lovely area, I have met fab friends here and we are totally settled.

    So even if that is the ONLY reason then it is still well worht looking and possibly going for it!!!!
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