unsure about baby rice? need to know for 2nite if poss

Hi my partner wants to try our son on baby rice before bed to help him sleep through but im not sure,
Hes 14 weeks, exclusivly breastfed, following 50th cenile for weight and goes to bed at 11 and wakes for feeds at 2,4 and 7 before geting up at 10.30.
Whatdo you think?



  • He feeds anywhere between 2 and 4 hours in the day, he watches us eat and seemrs very interesed. He also takes a lot of milk from both breasts at feeds
  • I think i can cope with him not sleeping through but oh really wnts me to hav a good nights sleep - think he feels guilty that he gets one every night lol
    As for formula i tried him on it when i had mastitis as my fever was so high he screamed whenever i tried to feed him, but he hated it
  • I think i l leave it then would rather be up at night than risk making him poorly!
  • jus mentioned everything to oh and he said he mentioned it because 2 of his friends have given baby rice since 6 weeks old (personally i think waaay too early!)
    But weve discussed it and wer definatly not going to try him on it yet, not for the sake of a good nights sleep wel do it when hes ready
  • Hey hun,

    Amber is just over 14 weeks and she has had baby rice for the past few days.

    She was exclusively b'fed until around 11 weeks but it just was not enough for her, she would feed every 90 mins sometimes less!! I changed her over to formula and to start with she would go 4 hours, but it changed to 2 over the last 2weeks.

    The last couple of days she has been on rice she has started to take a bit more at each feed and go longer. She used to sleep through but started waking 2/3 times a night and also was obsessed with our food! She loves rice but I was a bit unsure as she is so young but she must be ready as she has wolfed it down and has slept much better - last night 9.30-9.30 may have been a fluke though!!

    I would try other things first but of course if you think its best then its up to you. Good luck!
  • Hi
    I had a hungry BF baby and GP suggested baby rice from 13wks - it didn' make her sleep though and when you mix it with Breast milk its so thin - she enjoyed eating so we weaned early and slowly but she didn't sleep through until she was on formula!

    Good luck hope you get some sleep tonight
  • I personally dnt think it makes a difference how you feed your baby and how long they sleep at night.I exclusively bf grace and shes always been a gr8 sleeper but my older daughter was pnly breastfed for the 1st mth and then went onto formula hungry baby and was also weaned slightly early at 16 weeks and she didnt sleep through until around 6 mths when we had to "train" her.I think around this age babies can get into habits of waking and are not necessarilly hungry.Does he have a dummy at all?it could be comfort that hes waking up for and not actually food?good luck xxx
  • I think il try giving him his dummy when he wakes for his 2o clock feed then because he doesnt normally take a lot then, but think il be giving the baby rice a miss for now,
    Thanks everyone for the advice just goes to show that babies really are individuals and what works for some may not work for others!


    PS HE JUST SAT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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