Help with bedtime routine please! UPDATE :-(

Hi, well DS is 11w+4d and has always been an 'awake' baby. He doesn't sleep loads during the day but will tend to have one long nap- maybe 2hrs at lunchtime. He is a really good baby- doesn't seem grumpy or anything. Anyway we had got into a kind of routine of bathing him at 9.30pm then bottle and bed by 10pm. He sleeps till 3am then till 7am. We decided it would be nice for OH and I to have some time in the evenings together so last night we bathed him at 7.45 then bottle and he was sleeping till 1am, then 4am then 6.30am!!

What do you think I should do? I would rather be getting up at 3 then 6.30 than 1 and 4! Should I maybe wake him about 10.30pm for a feed?

I'm clueless!!!!


Well. DS had bottle and was sleeping in bed again by 8.30. Gave him dreamfeed at 11pm where he took 4oz. Thought he would sleep till maybe 4am but he was up at 2.30am and took 4.5oz then 5.30am for 2oz and now I'm up at 7am. What should I do. Just keep persevering?


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  • Hi there, no expert but DD is 10 weeks and we always wake her for a feed sometime between 10 and 11pm depending on when she had her bedtime bottle - usually she is down by 7pm shattered! *(she is a 'sleepy' baby' though loves her kip lol!) and then after we wake her for that feed, she goes til 5am, takes a wee top and settles back down (sort of!) til 630ish. They'll all be different tho. xx
  • Thanks, think I'll try that tonight. In bed by 7.30 then wake him about 10.30 for a feed. I'm shattered this morning!
  • Hi Hun image. If you settled him earlier I'm guessing in his mind he's goin the same amoun of time in-between feeds if thatches sense! Keep at it, it'll take some time for him to adjust. You could try a dream feed at half 10/11pm, where youdonr wake him but feed him. We however tries this and found LO woke earlier because it disturbed her! We bath at 6.45-7pm, have a dry off, quick massage, and bottle (all in our darkened bedroom) then is put down to sleep at 7.30/7.45ish, either awake or asleep! She has then been going till anywhere between 3-6am, but this morning slept until 7am image. She has been in this routine since about 4 weeks & I believe is thereason she sleeps through at such a young age, She's 11 wks tomorrow. Be persistent with I Hun, he'll getvuaed to it! Also is he BF or FF? If FF you could offer him a bigger bottle at bedtime to see him through longer? Just a thought.

    Hth xxx
  • We were putting DD to bed at 10PMish in the early days too. And then I decided it would be nicer for her to go to bed at 7.
    So what we used to do is bath then bottle at 6PM, then in bed by 7PM. And then we'd wake her up FULLY at 10PM to give her a feed, then straight back to bed. And then she would wake up at around 2/2:30AM for another feed, then awake again at about 6/7AM.
    She quickly dropped the 2AM feed, so we kept upping her daytime feeds to make sure she was soon getting enough, and then one night I fell asleep before 10PM so we missed out that feed and she managed to go the whole night without a feed.

    So try waking him up fully at 10PM so that he can have as much as he needs.
  • hello there

    it will take time to ajust to the bedtime routine, it will be quite an ajustment going to bed at 7 from 10, we started this at 8 weeks so we were still getting up in the night anyway, but it was nice to have couple time again, when LO started dropping his 10 pm feed and waking at 1 instead we introduced a dream feed which moved his waking to 4 then 5 then 6 over a few weeks, he then stopped taking his dreamfeed so we introduced 3 hourly feeds in the day so his last bottle was 7pm and next was 7am,

    it will take time to make a difference x
  • I would just persevere he's only 11 weeks, to put things in perspective until 17 weeks I was still doing between 6-8 feeds a night this gradually dropped at 20 weeks it was still 2-3 then by about 25/26 weeks he started sleeping through the night 7 to 7. I'm not in any way syaing the 'i had it worse than you did' etc etc what I'm saying is it's normal for him to be waking he is still growing and if he's taking his bottles then he needs to be eating, they also go through a growth spurt at about 3 months so you may find he'll wake even more.

    I know the full nights sleep seems so far away but it will creep up on you and before you know it it will happen. he's young and what he is doing is perfectly normal, I would actually class him as quite a good sleeper lol!!!
  • I would persevere, and was going to say I've been told to expect a growth spurt soon too (though atm my baby couldn't be less interested in her milk gaaaaaa I wish she would wake up twice a night wanting fed atm) - I think if you differentiate between night feeds and day feeds ie dim lights, not overstimulating, straight back down as much as possible then eventually LO will get there when he is ready physically to do it. Babies will only sleep thru when they can physically take in all they need during the day, and at 10/11 weeks they often can't I think, specially if they are having a 'spurt;'. Stick in there!
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