opinions please on settling newborn for bed.

I would really like your opinions on settling my 8 day baby.

My baby Skye doesn't settle easy after being feed and winded and although she looks asleep, she will wake up after 5 mins of being put in her moses basket. For the last couple of nights, I have put her tummy down on my knee to try and get her off to sleep before going in moses basket - and she has stayed asleep.

Do you believe that you should try and settle baby so that she is asleep before she goes in the moses basket or you think I am making a rod for my own back and she will always expect me to try and get her off to sleep before being put to bed?

Or do you think, like my mw today said, don't try and get her to sleep beforehand, and let her fall asleep on her own?




  • Hey hun, firstly, huge congratulations on your little girl, i love her name!!

    Don't think i'll be much help but didn't want to read and run, when she wakes is she crying/upset? Could she have wind? Did the mw have any suggestions for you? My son was a very windy baby and i couldn't put him down for ages after a feed because he would just be so uncomfortable and he used to bring up quite a bit of milk with each burp too.
    I went down the route of settling him to sleep on me and then putting him down asleep but, like you said, made a rod for my own back as i was still doing it 18 months later, eventually got him out of the habit but it wasn't easy.
    My personal opinion right now would be, just do what is best for you at the moment, you've just had a baby, you don't need the extra stress of having an upset baby and you need to be grabbing as much sleep, yourself, as you can.
    it's totally up to you though and i'm sure others on here will disagree with me anyway!!
    x x
  • Hey hun

    Great post - i dont suppose i can really help as Bethany is only 12 days old but i personally dont think at the mo you need to worry about making a rod for your own back as Skye is so young. I tend to put Bethany straight in her moses basket but it really depends how tired she is as to whether she drops off on her own or stays unsettled. Ive learned to leave her when shes moany (she never cries, just makes lots of noise!) but if shes particularly unsettled then i just cuddle her til she drops off then put her down.

    I really think at the mo just do what is right for you - she'll soon settle into her own routine and until then just do what you can so all 3 of you get some rest.

    Anna & Bethany xx
  • thank you ladies, i dont feel too bad now for wanting to try n settle her before bed
  • hi hun, i would just go with what u feel is right for u, evie is my 4th and i have always settled them to sleep however i have had difficulties later on with 1 but i think its more the baby than my method if u know what i mean, i think routine just comes along around wk 8-10 and if u go by how ur baby reacts im sure u will find something that works for u both image.
    there is too much pressure to do the whole put baby to bed awake thing and anyway i lurve watching them fall asleep image
  • OOh I am very lucky so - with two girls who settle themselves (Ella likes a little cuddle) go to moses baskets and sleep for 3/4 hours (they only three weeks tomorrow) x
  • Hope you dont mind me gatecrashing. dont know how much advice i can give you as my lo is 2 and it all seems soo long ago. I dont think you should worry too much at the moment about making a rod for your own back.....just do what feels right for you both
    My lo was always quite good at settling himself, but i do remember someone saying to me about getting them ready for bed- with their blanket or sleeping bag (depending on what u are using), giving them a cuddle, feed, winding her etc- then try and put her down. often its just the cold moses basket that wakes them. hope this helps.
  • I personally dont think you should worry about it just yet as she is still very young, so just do what you feel is right. my lo who is now 15months wouldnt settle without me rocking her to sleep, singing to her etc when she was little but as she got older i just put her down to bed with a bottle and i dont hear from her untill the next morn, she sleeps 7pm-9am and has done this since atleast 7 months (sorry not v.gd at remember ages as it was so long ago), i have friends who have a 1yr old who still has to be rocked to sleep for 1 hour before they go off to sleep and is up every 3 hours and another friend with a 2yr old who was left to settle themselves but now doesnt go sleep till 1am and is up at 8am so it can go either way and i generally thinks its down to how relaxed you are and on how your baby is. image

    really sorry for rambling on xxxxxx
  • its really good to hear every1's opinion. thank you so much! it definately works for me tryin to get Skye to sleep before i put her in her moses basket amd i am less tired,
  • i always settled my first and he wouldnt settle himself intill after he was three it was a nightmare so second settled her self and third settles him self x
  • My dh tends to put Abi down straight after her feed but she doesn't settle and is usually still awake an hour later. I tend to cuddle for a couple of minutes until I can see her begin to drop off then attempt to put her into her moses basket and this usually works. If neither works we sometimes put a hot water bottle in her moses basket to heat it up a little before she goes in it and she tends to fall straight asleep after this. I personally think you need to do whatever feels right to you hunni xxx


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