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Hi Guys
Wondering if someone could tell me how do nurseries manage bottle feeding babies???
Would I need to send a bottle and formula in with him or do they use their own??
What else would I need to send in with him??


  • I believe it varies from nursery to nursery. The one we went to see the other day said to take in made up formula for their fridge and I think we had to provide nappies.
    But each place will have different procedures so you'll have to check with the ones you're considering.
  • My LO attends nursery one day a week. They have a bottle there for him that they sterilize. He only has one feed a day there (we do the morning and evening feed) so we just take in one carton of formula when we drop him off. We also give the nursey a supply of nappies and wipes - usually enough for about a month.
  • To be clear - we provided the bottle.
    We also leave a couple of spare changes of clothes, teething gel, suncream etc. It all stays in his 'box'.
  • ah brilliant, thanks guys.
    Visiting one tomorrow so will find out.
  • At my dd's nursery (shes 20 months so doesn't have bottles but...) they supply all meals and snacks and drinks but things like formulas, nappys, wipes, bum cream/sun creams etc have to be brought in. She also has her own beaker there that stays there so i would of thought you would probably give them a bottle to keep.

    Hth xx
  • It really does vary from nursery to nursery. The one we use for DS1 & will be using for DS2 when he's older provides everything except change of clothes. Each child has their own bottle & nursery make up the feeds, then wash & sterilise so ready for next feed.
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