Constant waking??

The boys will be 6 months old on Monday and have never slept through the night. I dont have a problem with getting up once or twice but its now turning into 15 or 16 times.

They have a df at 10.30pm ish and go down well but then, from 2am onwards, they are up at least every 30 mins (sometimes they wake again as soon as I leave the room!) They do have a dummy but dont need this to get to sleep. They normally spit it out when theyre asleep so dont think this is the problem. They used to have a bottle at 3am ish until 2 weeks or so ago but they were only taking 1 or 2oz so I decided to drop this. I knew I would be up for a few nights but didnt expect 2 weeks (and still going)!

I have tried ignoring them for a while to see if they would go back but often only one wakes at a time and if I leave them they get so worked up they wake the other one then I have 2 babies to get back to sleep!

Any ideas or do I just need to see it out?? Should I go back to feeding them at 3am? Seems like im going backwards then??


  • Sorry I havent got any advice but will be very interested in the replies. My twins are non identical and dd has slept from 11-7 since she was 11 weeks, now 18 weeks. Ds however is so not intereted in sleeping through. He wakes at 3 ish ever morning and takes an once or 2 max. I have tried not feeding him but he just screams the house down and I just worry that I will still be doing this feed when he s 1 as he doesnt really need it. One of the probs is he will not finish hos 11 pm bottle just falls asleep on it then if I do wake him chews it and laughs a lot at me!!!!

    If anyone know how to crack this I will be eternally grateful x
  • my son 23 weeks is refusing his bedtime bottle and is now waking 3 or 4 times a nght to feed instead of the once he was doing. He is breastfed but has always had a bottle of expressed milk at bed time to fill him up. I don't know what this is all abouot but it is driving me up the wall.
  • Gemmie baby i know how your feeling! we got rid of dream feed a week ago. All started well but now from 3am onwars ds is a nightmare! he doesnt have his dummy to get to sleep but i have been giving it when he wakes. Sadley it doesnt help. He is also going nuts and refusing to nap. I think the problem through the day is a black out blind ( off shopping today) but have no idea what to do regards the nights. I am hoping it is just teething ( poor little man is bumping his gums all day long and quite uncomfortable) that is wakening him. Am going to try a dose of calpol tonight and see if this helps . x
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