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Tattoos representing LO

Hi, I just wondered it anybody had a tatto done after having their LO to represent them...i.e their name for a symbol relating to them. As ive been considering for a while getting my sons name (Theo so is short)...ive got some styles of writing i like but cant decided where i want it...Ive already got 3 on back of neck, bottom of back and my right foot.

Just wanted some ideas of a good positioning etc, If anybodys got one would they like to show a pic?

Many thanks, Lea x


  • i was also thinking of this maybe getting one with my los names on my arm inner. also what about prices xx
  • I had a small butterfly on neck...its about the size of a ??2 coin...maybe a tad bigger, I think it was either ??20 or ?? more than that, I think it depends on the studios pricings but im expecting to pay around the same again, I think they price based up a standard minimum fee (for the needle and ink) and then add ?? for the lengh of time it'll take to do/size. These are the writing styles i've found, ive been sad and colour coded them so you can say which you like! lol!!

  • G/C my sons name is Theo and i have his name on my right wrist its in a funky sort of writing and it had his date of birth and a small blue star its lovly i have hasd it a while now me and the OH decided to get them done together so we could have the same writting! going to do the same again this time

    i would load a pic but dont have a clue how :lol::lol:

    Forgot to add i like the grey one prob cos it very simiular to mine lol great minds think alike

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  • hi, i wld like to get a tattoo, was thinking about stars as cld have three (one for me, oH and ds, and then if any more lo's come along can just add an extra one, but not sure if thats a bit tacky. also do'nt know where i wld have it, i always liked the bottom of the back but sooooo many people have that and wld like it some where abit different (obv not face lol!!!) so had been thinking back of neck, but a few of my friends have go tthat now too.

    i like the last one (yellow) its a different style of writing than i've seen ebfore on tattoos, and looks good too xx
  • I have got a star on the back of my neck to represent my 3 year old and i will be getting another star but a bit smaller underneath to represent my 6 month old. I have 4 tattoos in total and they are all in discreet places and i love them!
    I like the grey one,2nd to last! xx
  • I like the purple one! No tattoos myself but i think that writing looks the prettiest!
  • I like grey lettering too!
    Its the font I want for mine! I'm thinking of a little one for each with 1st & middle names & a teeny star.
    I'm just not sure I'm brave enough yet:roll:

    BIL has his godchildrens (inc my kids) names in Balinese & hes off to Bali in a week to get my littlest 1s done! It looks lovely, such a fluid script.

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  • hiya! im so struggling to think of a tattoo for lo! i love my tats but there all really girly so im finding it hard to think of things lol my lo name is noah ans its tricky to put it in nice swirly writing lol i love theos name in the style of the bottom middle on the list image when are you getting it done? xx
  • What font is the yellow one, i really like it and might have to steal it image
  • hi i think the yellow one is arabic or sanscript.
  • I walked past the tattoo sudio earlier and thought, sod it, and went and had it done! I went with the yellow design (bottom left) across my wrist, as this was probally my personally favourite! Cost ??20 and was probally my most painful, but thankfully small so didnt have to bare it for long!! will put pics up later, were going to the cinema now with MIL and FIL while SIL has Theo!! and are the sites i got the lettering from, i traced it off the screen and took it to the studio for them to copy!

    Happy new year everyone, and thanks for your opinions! xx

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  • I like yellow one x
  • Lol @ the compulsive decision!!

    My husband is getting a tattoo of our son's hand print on his shoulder and then we'll add further hand prints for future children (hopefully) He wanted a full set of names but I won't let him put my name on him as he's already got his ex's name on him so we've gone for something symbolic instead
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