How to get a baby to swallow his medicine???

Connor is on antibiotics and we just cant get him to swallow the medicine, weve tried a spoon and syringe but he just spits it all back out,
Does anyone have any tips please?


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  • Mothercare do a special dummy you can put medicine in. Otherwise maybe mix it with food or milk?
    God sorry can't think of anything else hope soneone else has other ideas too. Hope your lo feels better soon x
  • i had the same problem with JJ taking calpol when he was poorly, my cousin said to hold him so his head is slightly lower that his feet (not upside down obv) and apparently it goes down, luckily just after that JJ decided he liked the taste of calpol and started taking it easily so i don't know if it actually works!! x
  • Try it in an empty teat. This works sometimes as they suck and swallow so they are controlling it. It was brilliant when Gabe was younger but he's wise to it now and no chance will he take medicine voluntarily! He is also on antibiotics and me, mil and fil were battling to get it down him. This evening he saw the syringe and started having a hissy fit. He just clamps his mouth. So me and mil were stood there with thousands of toys making silly faces & trying to make him smile so fil (who was hiding syringe) could shove it in!xx
  • What antibiotic is it? Barney had to have amoxicillin and the doctor told me I could mix it with his food, or his milk if you are ffing.
  • Tried the head lower than feet and taking him by suprise he just wont swallow, will try the teat thing though.
    Yep its amoxicillin could i mix it with breast milk and would it have to be a whole bottle?

  • Just try mixing it with a 2-3 ounces cos if you do a whole bottle he may not take it all hun x
  • Think Tigerlily is right, the less milk the better as there is more chance of him finishing it. It does have a really strong taste though, if he doesn't like the taste you might need to use more to disguise it.
  • il dust the brestpump off then!lol thanks girls
  • Ohh I like the idea of the teat TigerLily. Lily is dreadful with medicine. She had antibiotics when she was 3 weeks old and I'm sure she has hated the syringe since then.

    My friend who used to work in a phramacy said if you tickle their throat as the medicine goes in that helps them swallow it.
  • If you do use a syringe, i managed to get my lo to take it by poking it into the corner of his mouth whilst it was clamped shut and then couldn't spit it out. not sure if you've already tried doing that but thought id mention incase xx
  • I hope he took it by mixing it with your milk. If you can get a syringe in his mouth, I read that you should aim it into the corner of his cheek.
  • what about a medicine dummie
  • Kelsie has always co-operated with her medicines. Calpol is yummy!! 10ml for baby, 10mls for mummy :lol:!!

    We did have trouble getting one dose into her as she had a rotten cold and was in such a mood bless her, we put it into about 2oz of milk and she drank it all up!

  • Well I tried everything and he didnt take a drop, ust been to the docs today and have been given some antibiotic cream so hopefully tha will work!
    Hes such a little monkey!!!!
    Thanks everyone for your tips and advice
  • Hiya love dont know if you have tried this but i read somewhere
    if you squirt it between the cheek and gum the tounge cant push it out they just drink it and ive found that this has worked with Charlie
    I just do a little at a time so 1.he doesnt chock on it, 2.if he does manage to spit it out (althought rarely) we only loose a little bit of medicine! xx hth x
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