What is it about ella's kitchen?!

I wish I had discovered these earlier lol. Gabe loves them, he's 10 months and has had the 'red one' smoothies!!! He sucks it out in about a minute and cries for more!!

I so don't believe it's "100% organic fruit"..."100% organic heroin" more like lol - addictive! :lol:


  • I could be being really stupid but I have never heard of it?!?
  • We love them in our house too if we have a new one I always have to try it-just to make sure! I find them quite hard to get hold of they have more in Tesco's than they do in ASDA and Sainsburys. They do 3 sauces (Indian/American/Italian) that you cook with but I can't find a shop anywhere near us that sells them. I hope the more people buy them the easier they'll be to get.
    Loving the 100%organic herion!! x
  • I've never heard of the cooking sauces, but the fruit/veg pouches are fantastic. But i agree Tiger Lily, they must be addictive because Beth can never get enough of them! When she's not convinced about a new food I add a little of the Ella's kitchen and she'll eat it quite happily.
  • ellie too is addicted to them i buy the 3 different flavours of fruit ones in the 5 pack-they last about 4 days!!
  • I gave one to Jonathan once, it was a stage 2 but it had no lumps and he refused to eat it until I cooked some baby pasta and put that in it lol Now he seems to be refusing all food that is fed to ikhm and will only eat finger foods, unless its a pudding!!!
  • JJ doesn't like them either, i've tried him with a few and found them to be just too thin, was tempted to put them in a bottle :lol: x
  • I've seen them and never bought them but did think they looked really handy for when out and about. I'm gonna get one and give it a try. S x
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