anyone bought any? wana get a box but they so expensive?


  • Dh got me a beautiful keepsake box.

    I have lo's first sleepsuit he ever wore in it and all the cards that were sent when he was born.

    They are expensive, but, I think it is worth having something to store some special things or they just get lost.

    You could always make one out of a shoe box maybe?
  • I bought these and use the larger of the three as a keepsakes box, the rest I use to store photo's.
  • I have a large box from the disney store that a present came in. I have loads of stuff in it - her first outifit, halloween outfit, a scrapbook i made when pregnant, scan pics, cord stump, bands from hospital, a dummy, hand/footprints, congrats cards, 1st xmas cards, development calendar, probably lots more that i cant think of now.

    I also got a smaller forever friends box from clintons thats has the keepsakes from the christening like her shoes, headband, cake decorations, order of servce, invitations etc.

    I am such a hoarder!!!! Im going to give the boxes to her when she is 21.
  • I got my keepsake box from one of the larger Tesco stores, it's thick cardboard but the decoration is really nice.
    I think it was about ??10, I keep his belly button clamp, his first sleepsuit, print of his hand and feet etc
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