Transverse baby!!!

Hi girls looking for some advice with regards to transverse babies! I am 36 weeks pregnant and things where looking really good for a while. At 32 weeks baby was 3/5th engaged and at 34 weeks he was 2/5ths engaged. However I have just been to the midwife today and he is now transverse!!! Wee monkey!!!!

Has anyone else had a transverse baby and if so what happened? I am booked in for a scan on Monday and to see my consultant but really want to hear other peoples stories, good or bad!!!!

Cheers Tammi xxxx


  • at 36 weeks toby was tranverse i was booked in for a scan at 37 weeks and was told that if he had't moved by then i would have to stay in hospital and would be given a section at 39 weeks.when i had the scan he was head down and he stayed that way till he was born
  • Thats good news then! Fingers crossed this one will move too. Was so excited as my son never engaged at all last time and really thought things were going smoothly this time. xxx
  • Don't worry Lara, I wanted the facts, lol. Only problem is we are moving bloody house soon too so was really hoping that things would just go to plan this time round! Can't believe I am moving at 39 weeks pregant - must be mad - at least on the bright side I won't be there to actually move, although I will also have no one to look after Ashton and I will miss him SOOOOOOOO much if that happened! xxx
  • Hey tamarabell!

    My little girl was transverse all pg, although didn't realise she was still this way this until I went in to spontaneous labour at 33+2. I had to have an emergency section due to the tranverse presentation. All was great though and the hospital were fantastic even if I had to be transeferred 70 miles away to have her!

    Good luck for him to turn for you!

    iz & Skye x
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