how many bottles do i need? ive got 7. when is the best time to sterilise them? at the end of the day so they are ready in the morning? :\?


  • 7 bottles will be fine babies normally have say 6 feeds initially and a spare bottle just in case, it all depends on what sort of sterliser you have ie steam, microwave and how long the bottles stay steralise once done same 6 hours some longer, I used to sterlise in the early evening and then make enough bottles to last until after morning feed say 3 bottles, then would sterliase again and make up bottles for the day. I have a steam steraliser. Generally once sterliser is open you should use bottles straightaway. Hope that helps.
  • thanks. im sure ill get into a routine!!
  • When LO was first born I used to do it every night then put bottles together with just water in ready for next day's feeds. I'd add the powder just before her feeds. Now she's only on 3 bottles a day I only sterilise every other day.
  • i used to sterilise after we'd used 3 bottles even tho steriliser held 4 bottles until we got into a proper routine, now i just sterilise every night for the next day x
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