Baby sensor mats, worthwhile?

Hi ladies

I'm just after some opinions on baby sensor mats, the ones that go under baby's mattress and set off an alarm if no breathing is detected within 15 seconds. Are they worth the money? Or do they cause more hassel than they're worth, I would hate the alarm to be so sensitive that it's going off all night long!

I have a feeling when baby arrives I might stay up all night to make sure she's still breathing so if it offers peace of mind it might help! Any opinions/advice?


Jo xx


  • We have the angel care one and I'd say it's most defintiely worth it - helps me sleep that bit better at night!! (though once you have a baby you'll never sleep deeply again!)

    We've only had a couple of false alarms and lo is now 7 months old. We recently put her in her cotbed and still use it in there and have no problems even if she rolls off where the mat is.

    Love NN xx
  • 100% yes!
    LO now breathes so quietly in her sleep I'd be constantly waking her checking she's breathing if we didn't have the pad.
    We had 1 false alarm till we turned up the sensitivity. Now she can wriggle round the whole cot (and she does!) and it still picks her up fine.
    We also have the Angelcare one.
  • yes. i have the tommee tippee one that i got from an asda aby event for ??40. they are currently in tesco for ??110!!! we have had 3 false alarms in 10 mins last week. baby is now so active at night at 4 months that she had turned herself around 90 degrees and come off the mat. it went off and frightened me! then i reset it and listened to her and it went off two more times, as i was hearing her breath, until i realised she wasnt on the mat. so worth it.
  • Worth every penny just to give me peace of mind, it allows me a good night sleep too xx
  • my DD is 12 weeks old and i bought one from the ASDA baby event a few days ago for ??40, i just haven't been able to relax when she's in bed and constantly going to check on her. Im so pleased i got it as i found it so reassuring. \the parent monitor clicks with each breath and i find it soothing to hear. Wish i'd bought one from day one x
  • I didn't buy one until LO went in her own room at 10 weeks. Had quite a few false alarms as it coincided with her learning how to roll! I now place it high up the cot where I know she sleeps and we have no trouble. I definitely sleep better as a result (although the false alarms scare the bayjesus out of me!!!!! x
  • 100% worth every penny though i have the angel care mat and its a bit more expensive than the TT one but it has monitors, nightlight, digital thermometer etc and so worth every penny, its used now on DD2 and i will use it again with no3!
  • 100% worth the money. We did have a couple of false alarms, but it was cause of her breathing so swallow. We have the tommee tippee one

    Jayne xx
  • omg the best thing you can ever buy!!! we have the TT suresound one got it from Tesco for under ??100
    we used it from day one with Evie and at 18 months ive still got her sleeping on it!!
    it has just made me feel so much safer, i dont undertand why everyone doesnt get one if you have a baby? normal monitors only let you hear your baby, they dont tell you if they stop breathing!
    yes we have had a few false alarms with evie rolling off the mat, but tbh id rather a few false alarms than to have her never wake up at all.
    get one, its the best piece of baby equipment you will ever buy

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  • Thanks for all the replies ladies! It's went on my essential list now, will definitely be investing in one image xx
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