Door bouncer or walker?

Just need some advice really. Have a friend who went to a course at her Doctors about toys for babies. They said they wouldn't recommend (sp) a walker as they affect childrens hips-push them out or something and that the bouncey things that hang in the door are much better.
Our lo is 4 months old and would stand up all day long if he could so we wanted to get him either a walker or bouncer for Christmas but then heard this and was a bit unsure (not sure how much they are so probably couldn't afford both).
Just wondered what everyone else thought-what would you recommend-apart from a Jumperoo thingie!! Thanks x


  • id get a door bouncer, my lo loved his and they are cheap hehe x
  • I heard the same thing about baby walkers, so we had a door bouncer which Kelsie absolutly loved!! Just as well really, we couldnt have had a baby walker due to 3 different levels of flooring downstairs and no way of blocking rooms off!! It was a woman in mothercare who actually told me it was prob best to not get a baby walker. Not sure how much truth is in it though, like I say, we couldnt get a baby walker!
  • Fab-thank you! Knew it was the right place to ask! x
  • the vtech push along one is fab if u ever want a walker! im getting my little sister one for xmas. sam loves his and still uses it even though hes now walking practically everywhere xx
  • Am writing this down and will have a look thank you x
  • Push alond toys and door bouncers are fine but sit in walkers are lethal- can slow development (physios want them banned) are a health & safety nightmare they take up stacks of room.
    Hope you find something you like!
  • Flippin' heck-I wouldn't have known anyting about that if it hadn't been for my friend. That should all be in a handbook somewhere! Thank youx
  • hello. You lo sounds just like mine when she was that age. She did and still does love being on her feet. Since we brought her the door bouncer, she could happily spend all day in it! Plus, with a door bouncer they stay in one place so you can get some jobs done at the same time image I would recommend lindam plus door bouncer. I was recommended it. They are currently ??5 off online in mothercare.
  • this sounds silly, but what would you class as a walker??

    my lo is getting this for xmas from pil
    is it classed as a walker? (and it is ??40 in mothercare and part of thier buy 1 get one 1/2 price offer!!)
  • If you are going to buy a door bouncer check the width of your walls over the doors first. We had one for Millie and she used it loads at our old house with no problem. Got it out for Barney and found that where we live now it will only fit on one door (two if you include the toilet lol) downstairs as the others are supporting walls and are too thick. We ended up buying a Jumperoo so he could be in whatever room we are in and he loves that.
  • that makes sense now!! thanks!!
  • Thank you everyone-now we actually have a choice of what to get him! Soooo looking foward to Christmas.x
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