Anyone else have a baby that appears to not like MIL !?


right am going to be diplomatic and stick very closely to the above question so as not to start ranting ( image ) but does anyone else's LO not really like MIL?

DD is only 5 mths but has very strong ideas about who she does and doesn't like. Seems to have little to do with who she sees often she just takes to some people and not others. LOVES my family (one sister more than the other admittedly), loves FIL but really does not like MIL. Cries when she holds her and tries to get away!

So far have just made excuses, must be tired, must be hungry, has just woken up etc etc but TBH MIL and I both know it's not true. Anyone had this and had their LO grow out of it!?????


ps - I should probably say it doesn't ovelrly bother me am just curious more than anything!


  • Yep it's priceless, he even cries when she comes in the room or if he hears her voice, he's ABSOLUTELY terrified of her. She's an utter psycho!
  • Oooooh, I do hope so.

    He was 2 weeks old for the inauguaral visit, so he slept all the time. We shall see, when they next bother to grace me with their unpleasance....
  • They pick up on how you feel so if you're not comfortable with MIL they won't be either, I can hear MrsSetters rubbing her hands together!!!! MIL told me to tell LO to smile at her on the next visit, I won't tell you what I told LO to do on next visit but it wasn't smile ha ha ha
  • Oh LOL MN, and Mrs Setters, im with you!! Heres hoping he dislikes her and he picks up the vibes from me!!!!!!

    Come on Gemm, move away from the MIL rant!!!!!!!!!

    Gemm x
  • Much to my delight, yes! image

    Can't say I blame her....

    Love NN xxx
  • Yessss!! Olivia is 8.5 months and everytime mil holds her she screams and tries to get back to me, I make excuses, tired, teething, cranky. It's so bad but I kind of enjoy it!!!
  • Not yet, but heres hoping! lmao xxx
  • yup, she absolutely can't stand her but to be honest nor can i so she probably gets it from me, she screams non stop in MIL's face until I take her away, I have to admit that I do get a certain sense of Dr Evil satisfaction from that :lol:
  • Izzy is a bit too young at the moment but I certainly hope so seeing as MIL had trouble remembering her name the one and only time she's deigned to see her (hello little.... long uncomfortable pause.... Isobel!) and spent the whole time talking about her dog. Bloody woman x
  • hahahahaha glad its not just me and my super choosy LO (I wonder where she gets that from.........................image ) xx
  • i defo think its a unconsious thing they pick up from you, i dont like mine but i am pleasant enough, LO often crys when she holds him, she rekons its beacuse she doesnt see him enough (not an falut of mine, she is contantly galavanting across the world) but he sees my mum and dad less and always has a big smile for them image
  • G/C from pregnancy to say how funny this is! I'm putting my order in for my baby to pick up on this vibe!! :lol:
  • My lo loves my mil as do I. On the other hand she seems to really dislike my mum, will be ok for about 5 mins then she will cry & be generally grumpy until we leave. After each visit my mum says maybe one say u'll leave this house without crying, funny she's stopped by the time I've started the car engine!!

    Jayne xx
  • Lily has only seen the dreaded MIL four or five times in 2 years (suits me fine). Lily isn't fussed by her (much to MIL's annoyance who will not leave poor Lily alone). She stays near me and keeps her distance from MIL. She will not go near hubby's step dad at all, but she isn't keen on people with beards and he has one. She doesn't like people who are in her face so to speak and MIL is one of those people unfortunately. She can be a bit funny with my sister but then weirdly loves coming to school with me and loves playing in the playground with the big boys and girls! I do think she senses how comfortable I feel in situations and sticks with me. MIL makes me feel very uncomfortable and on edge in my own home. xx
  • There is a god! I will pray this happens for me. I cant stand the women. Ellis is only 5 weeks old & she irritates the hell out of me when she holds him, she wont give him back unless I physcially remove him. He will be ratty or crying & she just keeps saying he is hungry (after having a full bottle!), I want to shout no its cos he wants his mum. OH says nothing of course. Sorry I turned that into a rant xxx
  • my boy was like this as a baby and now at nearing 3 he's much the same, he goes to PIL's for one full day a week and spends a lot of time there at weekends too as they live just around the corner from us.
    He does love his nana but much prefers his grandads company and everytime I say "we're going to nana's" he replies "ban (thats what he calls grandad) will be there won't he??"
    His nana can never get any kisses of hugs either, everytime she asks he says "no" and goes to his grandad and gives him a big hug instead!!

    It is priceless sometimes!!
    I don't think its a dislike thing but generally grandmothers can be alot more over powering than grandads, wanting cuddles etc and I think my lo often feels smothered by his nana whereas grandads just play and rough and tumble and are much more fun!!
  • My LO seems to like everyone...except my nan! Not sure what she does but it doesnt matter if he sees her at my house, my mums or my nan's house, he will scream and cry! She's tried different voices, not talking, singing even doing a little jig and nothing works. I've used every excuse under the sun but poor nan is convinved "he hates me"...he's only just turned 10 months! ah well, cant please everyone.
    (was hoping LO would hate MIL but unfortunately even though she's only ever seen him twice he's full of smiles for her. grrrrr)
  • Adam *loves* his Nanny!

    Long may it continue! When we visit, it means that he'll happily spend lots of time with her being cuddled and played with, while I put my feet up and have a cuppa! :lol:
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