Baby grinding teeth?

My lo is 11 months old and has just got his top two teeth. I know its normal for adults to grind their teeth but every time i give him a cuddle up next to my ear i can hear him grinding away at his teeth. They're not even down properly yet, just cut last week. Can anyone tell me if their baby did this? Just worried it might damage his wee teeth before he even gets them in properly!



  • my LO did this but it didnt last long! it was the novelty of having teeth that he could grind together! after the first 3 or 4 weeks he stopped (thank goodness the noise makes my hair stand on end!)
  • Oh my boy does this too, and the noise is terrible. He only has 5 teeth but they are quite big teeth and I am worried aswell about him damaging his teeth - and i'm wondering why he does it too!!! I actually caught my 14 month old trying to bite his nails on sunday, he'd managed to bite it nearlt clean off and was not a happy chappy when I pulled the snag off - he knew when he put his thumb back in his mouth that something was missing!:\?
  • Ah, at least i'm not alone! Hopefully i'll pass, the noise goes right through me too.
    Its amazing what little ones do isn't it Ninabina, you wouldnt have thought they'd take much notice of their nails!!

  • Hey Starbrite, neither did I!I couldn't believe it when I saw him doing it but the funiest was when he realised the pot at the end of the rainbow was gone, he nearly flung himself from the highchair!! He kept rubbing his tongue on his thumb looking for the rest of the nail! - wee scamp, my husband had noticed him doing it during the week with his fingers aswell, imagine a nail bitter at 14 months, what could he possibly have to worry about!! He's bit the top out of two dummies this week also, but we have to give him a dummy at night to stop the grinding, hopefully it will pass.
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