Clear Blue Conception Indicator!

Hey Girls!

Been to the doctors this morning no idea of how far along I am, going to a diffrent hospital this time, am thinking of a home birth but I think my OH will pass out if I bring the subject up :lol:

I am being sent for an 'emergency scan' but could take weeks :lol: so not much of an emergency!! :lol: so I have bought a Clear Blue Conception Indicator which basic is mean to tell you HOW pregnant you are!

So I am just about to do it! image

Just letting you know for those who are intrested in finding out how far along I am with me! image x


  • oooo good luck!!! go peeee lol!! x
  • Hurry up IMBL!!! So happy for you!! image I reckon you're 4-5 weeks image image image

  • any more guesses? I have to wait 3 mins cause it's a digital one! image
  • i thought the maximum it told you is 3+ weeks? may just seem really thick now, have no idea about them :lol: x
  • 6 weeks. Hurry up!!!
  • Right I'm at least 5 weeks! :lol: just have to wait for dating scan to see if it is right now! 'says 3 weeks +' think it only goes up to that! & it tells you to add 2 weeks like the doctor does! x
  • thats poo! I thought it was precise - how dumb am i!

    Congrats anyway and hope you have your scan soon
  • oh yay! its exciting! some 'emergency scan' that is!! lol! x
  • ooo i'm so jealous :lol: x
  • OOOhh I've missed something, didn't know you were even pregnant again - congratulations!
    I might have the wrong person here (sorry if I have) but weren't you the lady who had pcos? Just asking cos I suffered with it before conceived my lo (after a long wait) so good to know you can conceive quickly again! Although my hormones seem back to normal since having lo a year ago so fingers crossed!
  • oooh, how exciting! DO you have the scan booked or are you waiting for them to give you a date for it? You'll have to let us know as soon as you know anything more!
  • oh wow! how exciting image
  • Yeah I do have PCOS!! Thats why it was such a surprise! lol yeah I thought before i bought it that it would tell you so many weeks - like if you took the test at 28 weeks thats what it would say! but apprently not! lol I could have told you I was over 3 weeks! :lol: at least i've tested with a CB now so you know then really! x
  • Having Charlie must have helped you as well then!! Good luck with everything xx
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