How much food??

Gabe is 7 months and he doesnt eat very much without being sick! I really have to limit his food portions to either 3 normal-sized ice cubes, or 1/2 a stage 1 jar (though he has slightly lumpier food now this is just an idea of the portion size). Sometimes I give a little stars yogurt or some fruit puree as desert. But I can't give more than that as he is sick. This doesnt seem much for a 7 month old as from what i've read some LOs are eating more at 5 mths!! The other day I fed Gabe a stage 1 jar and he ate it all and puked it back up even tho he has had that one before & been fine with 1/2.

His weight gain is a bit ropey (13oz in 6 weeks) and he's dropped a centile but HV said this is normal and isnt concerned.

He's still on 4 7oz bottles a day, I've tried dropping a feed but he got quite constipated and dehydrated even tho he has water. he still wants the milk too! xx


  • I'm probably the wrong person to ask as Barney is a pig!! For lunch he has 2 Annabel Karmel cubes (slightly more than a jar) and he has just started having about 1/3 jar of pudding as well. Breakfast and tea he has about the same amount without the pudding. He is quite sicky, but he always has been, think his eyes are just bigger than his tummy!!
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