BF for 6 months today!!!

Today is the 7th, Kyra was born on 7th June, making her 6 months. So proud of myself for breastfeeding to this milestone. Thanks to all the ladies on here for your support, probably would not have got this far if I didn't have you lot!! :\) XXXXXXXX

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  • That's great news - well done! I didnt last very long at all but would like to try with the next baby I think. How long are you going to go for now?xx
  • Thank u! I'm planning to carry on for as long as she wants it....obviously no so long that it turns into bitty from Little Britain! xxx
  • Well done you, give yourself a huge pat on the back for your achievement. Enjoy it for as long as you can I really miss not b/f my lo any more (he's 19 months now and gave up at about 15 months)
  • congratulations hun,well done!! grace is 7 mths and we r still going strong aswell,its a fab feeling isnt it! xxx
  • well done hun i just hit the same milestone! hope u as proud of urself as i am of me lol xxx
  • Awww that's sweet of you lolly hatch, congratulations to you too. Hollysmum - I've read your posts on the bf forum and you give great advice to new mum's going thru the first steps. It's people like you who give us the nudge we needed to come to this stage now, so thank you! xxx
  • awww thank u yummy mummy thats so nice to hear! i love helping people and i understand how important it is for mums to want to succeed,i only managed 3 weeks with holly so i was determined with grace to stick at it.Iv recently completed a bf peer supporter course too.How many feeds is kyra having a day now?grace has really cut down recently image !! xxx
  • Great that's Fab! You'll be able to share your knowledge and help others even more now. I've recently applied to my local uni to get onto a midwifery course, I won't hear if I'm accepted until March, but I'm hoping. I'm passionate about bf and if I do become a mw, I will do all I can to encourage mothers if that's what they want to do. Kyra is having around 6 feeds a day now with meals. She still wants feeding at night too! Little madam! But she is loving her solids now and I love seeing her lil mouth munch on her food xoxox
  • grace has cut down to 3 feeds a day now.Shes slept thru without a night feed since about 9 weeks or so.I make sure she has cows milk in alot of her food so that shes getting enough calcium.My friends lo weaned herself off at 8 mths so im hoping grace isnt gonna do that as shes not so interested in her mid day feed if we r out and about!they r growing so fast rnt they! Hope you get accepted onto the midwiferry course,id love to do that but now isnt the right time with hubby away in the army and los being young xxx
  • You're lucky to have had Grace sleep thru. Evie slept thru from 5 weeks, it just goes to show how different they all are! But tbh I really don't mind that she wakes me for a feed - I just feel so priviledged to be able to bf...some people might think that's corny, but I just love doing it even at 3am!!! They do grown SO fast. I'd love to have another so I could bf again, also cuz I just want loads of kids, but it's impractical and I'd like to get my career in motion too. If you do decide to go for midwifery and need advice about how to get onto the course, you know where I am! x x x
  • well done hun, ur doing great image
    evie is almost 8m and still bf, im hoping to go as long as she wants to (its very convenient on early mornings) xx
  • well done to all u ladies still bfing, u are all doing great! neither of my kids wanted to bf past 10 weeks xxx
  • Well done everyone. Ive just passed 6 months now with Isobel and am planning to continue for the forseeable future xx
  • Well done, thats great! I've made it to 21 weeks so far................
  • Well done

    We hit the 6 month mark on the 24th

  • Well done, it's so fab to hear, and a few of you have given me invaluable advice on the bf forum a few times. I'm approaching 3 months now, but at one point my goal was to just get to 3 weeks, it was so tough at the start. I really feel like mw's should be more honest about how hard bf'ing is - i think a lot of women would continue longer or not give up so quickly if they knew it doesn't always work right from the start! You are all an inspirations to me, and reading your stories and successes makes me want to continue until Oscar decides he's had enough (lol @ bitty - that will not be us!!) xxx
  • Well done hun!! Thanks for your advice too on the b'feeding forum!

    I am just b'feeding at night now (Amber is just over 3months) and in the night if she wakes as in the day she just refuses it image never mind I love our night feeds!!

    You should be really proud of yourself for getting so far as it is so hard in those first few months xxxx
  • It is!! Especially as many mothers don't actually have any milk until the 3rd or 4th day! They think their babies will die of hunger lol, but they are still getting the colostrum which is so thick and fatty it keeps them going until the milk finally comes in. I think if more mothers knew it's normal not to have milk straight away they would stick it out longer and not panick and think baby isn't getting anything...which they are in tiny amounts, but it really is all they need for the first few days. xxx
  • true,theres alot that pregnant mothers should be told and i too agree that more women would give it a go if they were given advice whilst pregnant xx
  • i agree, definately more advice needed for pregnant women, i go to a bf drop in run by surestart, and from that i did the la leche bf course, i would love for pregnant women to come to the drop in, a lot of mums come when they r about to give up but if they came before they had lo they could chat to bf mums about the ups and downs of the 1st wks and hopefully come for a chat/advice before it gets so bad image
    big well done to everyone still going strong. xx
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