Weaning and breastmilk

Hi Connor has been on 3 meals a day for nearly 2 weeks and dropped to 3 breastfeeds a day, which i assume is fine.
Yesterday though he didnt have any milk in the day but had 2 feeds at night is this ok?
Im worried he doesnt want my milk anymore, he used to go on the breast for comfort too now he doesnt even do that
Is all this normal?


  • hmmm, i'm not sure hun, i think Connor is around the same age as Molly (24 weeks) and she is on 2 meals a day, 2 ice cubes of puree and a pudding, usually a muller little star and she still has about 7 breastfeeds a day!!! Now i'm not saying Connor should be having this as Molly is a snacker and only feeds for about 10-20mins at a time and a couple of those feeds are for comfort when she'll fall asleep pretty much straight away. I think he should still be having about 3 a day at this age....? If he really isn't interested just make sure he has some milk in porridge or a fromage fraise etc. So he still gets the goodness from your milk maybe you could express and use it in a baby cereal?

    I know i cut down to 3 a day when Zach was about 6/7months and then 2 a day when he was 9/10 months and then finally only 1 bf at night when he was 11 months.

  • Thankyou for replying, I give him porridge with bm in the morning and fromage frais for pudding at tea time.
    He was having about 5 breastfeeds when he was on 2 meals but HV told me to give him a 3rd as his weight gain had slowed
  • hia hun,grace was exactly the same one she was on solids she wasnt really interested in my milk anymore!! image she dropped feeds quite quickly like your lo and then when i got pregnant again she dropped down to just 2 feeds which really worried me as she was only 8 mths old.Shes now 10 months old and only has a morning feed from me which shes not that fussed on!my hv said its fine as long as i make sure she has plenty of calcium in her diet.I jhave also started giving her a bottle of formula before bed so i know shes getting enough which she takes fine.I didnt want to use formula really but i cant express any off and im happy knowing that at least shes getting the morning feed from me.I just hope she sticks with it until shes at least 1!! maybe your lo is like grace and just loves his food!!! xxxx
  • Hope so, what calcium rich foods do you give Grace?
  • Hi there

    My lo also shows less interest in bfing now she's on 3 meals, she will still take milk feeds but it often seems like it's more comfort than anything. She also had a period when her weight gain slowed down and my hv suggested adding lots of dairy to her food as it is high in fat as well as calcium. So we we've been adding cows mlilk, cheese, cream etc to pureed food, as well as lots of fromage frais for desserts.
  • Thanks poz!
  • i make her brekkie with cows milk and i give her yoghurt for desserts,she likes cheese so i do cauliflower and leek cheese which she likes and just add it to quite alot of other thing like her fish pie which she seems to love!
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