'Comfort' Formula for colic & constipation

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this? My lo is 9+3, and has always been a colicky baby. We have her on Colief, with gripe water given as required.

Since we increased her feed to 6oz, as she was always draining 5oz, her bowel movements have changed from once a day to maybe every other day. This also may be since we started the Colief. She passes a lot of smellly wind, but hasn't had her bowels open since tuesday or wednesday...

I was wondering if anyone has experience of the Comfort milk, and how long does it need to be used for etc, as I'm hoping she'll outgrow the colic soon(ish) :lol: We have tried decreasing the Colief, but she seems to be more uncomfortable, and we have also offered cooled boiled water, but she refuses, even when hungry :roll:

The past 2 feeds she has only taken 3.5oz, and I'm worried that it may be because she needs a good 'clear out'. Any advice/experience appreciated xx Ps. She's a Cow & Gate baby xx


  • We put our LO on Cow&Gate Comfort as he was suffering from colic and constipation. He was much better on it and his wind came up lots better and was more regular going to the toilet. We tried to swap to regular cow and gate but he became constipated again. We did switch to Aptamil Comfort because LO seemed to just 'go off' the C&G milk and a few people told me that they had switched to Aptamil and their LO had started drinking again. (Because the Comfort feed is thicker we've always had to use a larger teat than recomended for his age otherwise it would clog quite quickly).
    He's now 6 months and is having Aptamil Follow On milk and all wind and constipation problems have gone.

    I agree - once your LO has had a clear out of her bowels she'll probably start taking her mik again.
    Good luck x
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