Does anyone think RLT actually helped them?

just g/c my baby is due next tuesday and I've been taking the capsules since 36 weeks- just curious as to whether anyone actually thinks this helped shorten their labour/make it more efficiant ?




  • I do!
    I took the capsules and my labour started 1 week early. My Mum's labours were all about 36 hours and I was expecting this but 10 hours of active labour later, for my first, our LO arrived. It was sore but I just had gas and air and pushed for about 30 mins.
    I then gave my friend what was left of the capsules and she went into labour a week early and got to 5cm dilated at home without even thinking it was sore!
  • The only thing that helped my labour more efficient was the c-section! I reckon I'd still be in that delivery suite otherwise! I was induced so I suspect the RLT were wasted on me. Shame, seeing as I'd been taking them day on, day out since about 34 weeks. I had heard very good things about them. Hope all goes well! x
  • Yes I do. 1st labour 3 1/2 hours from 1st contraction pushing for 15 minutes, 2nd labour about an hour pushing for 5 minutes. Wishing you a speedy delivery x:\)
  • YES!
    made my contractions more efficient but stronger i was induced with both of mine and i could def tell the difference. i also found that epo worked wonders as well to soften and ripen!!! as when i was induced (2weeks early) i was already nearly fully effaced and 2cm dilated. if i have another i will be using both of them
  • They helped me too I think. My contractions started at 9pm went into hospital at 5am next day and was 5cm already. Then started pushing at 9.40am and baby was here at 10.10 am. It was all great and I had no pain relief and needed no stitches so was quite proud.
  • Not for me, I took the maximum dose from about 34-36 weeks and I went 5 days over, never experienced labour despite being induced 4 times and ended up with a c-section. I'd still probably take them next time around, just in case xx
  • I think so. I drank the tea from 36 weeks, upping it by a cup every week. My labour lasted 6.5 hours from start to finish (first baby). You will never know 100% but if I have no2 I will definitely have the teas again and I would recommend them to a friend! Good luck xx
  • Yes!! More in the 2nd stage. I was only pushing for 20mins & that is my 1st lo.
  • I forgot to take them this time and actually had a better and much faster labour so who knows! :lol: xx
  • didn't work for me i have used them for both pregnancies, took them from 34 weeks for both and i took high dose capsules. My first was 29 1/2 hour labour including 2 hours pushing, he was a week early though! My second was 2 weeks late and induced, my cervix was still tightly shut, labour was only 8 hours including 2 hours pushing but i had the drip ti strengthen my contractions. However i would say i would use them again if i had any more as they don't do you any harm.
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