(not baby related) but do you know?...

...... how do bananas grow? Most fruit/ veg have pips or seeds, but what about bananas? how do you farm a banana? Sorry - I know its not baby related but I just wondered if any of you girls knew?

Elaine xx


  • hi, sry to gc. but if u chop a banana in half (so the ends are round) and look at the middle it has actually got a circle of little black dots (these are the seeds) all the way thru, bit like brighton rock lol. xx27+5
  • lol - you must think im really thick! I was mashing up some banana for tyler to eat and it just come to me. lol With kids and the whole 'mind the pips' ect I just realised you dont have to do tat with nanas. Thanx ladies xx xx
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