Had enough now of...

Housework, Ironing and tidying the garden!

Do you think if I go on strike the fairies might come in overnight and do it all for me?
How people enjoy it is beyond me! I really wish I did then I might find it easier grrrr.... x

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  • I know what you mean - I'm keeping the place tidy but keep spotting dust cos I'm doing it so half-heartedly - at the moment I'm coping ignoring it! lolimage

    As for ironing, I haven't done any for ages - am going for the grungy creased mummy look and thankfuly hubby only wears t-shirts to work and at home lol

  • Tell me about it. We are just about managing to breathe through the dust clouds lol.
    The Ironing is mammoth...It's just too hot to do it. Should do it soon though as we are fast running out of clothes!
    God help me when I tackle it, my family might never see me again haha x
  • My ironing has been shut away in the spare room & I only look at it to either throw more clothes in the basket or look through it to find the least wrinkled item! As for housework I get urges to do it every so often but then just end up brushing the floor lol
  • lol junglejayne I swear if we had a spare room there would be that much ironing stuffed in there you wouldn't be able to open the door to get at it.
    As for the housework I get the urge to at least attempt it but then the little man needs something...thats my excuse and I am sticking to it hehehe x
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