3 meals a day....


just wondering what your lo's have if they're having 3 meals a day?

and......my dh made some purees yesterday and they r in the freezer - how long will 1 take to defrost??!!


lisa and louise (19 weeks old)


  • Hi Lisa
    My girls have cereal in the morning (either baby cereal or weetabix with whole milk). Milk mid-morning. A veg-type puree for lunch (I use the recipes from Annabel Karmel mostly, or jars on the odd occassion if I'm out), plus a pudding. I then try them with water with the meal.
    They have milk mid-afternoon & then rusk with milk for tea.

    They're both 8 months, but were 2 months premature, so I'm still having to treat them as if they're 6mths.

    Annable Karmel has some good menu plans in her book - you could have a look there if it helps.

    Also - defrosting. A quick blast in the microwave should do it (maybe 1 min?).

    Emma x
  • Gabe has:
    Breakfast - anything really, weetabix with whole milk & fruit puree, hipp cereal, or rusk.
    Dinner - Something like chicken & sweet potato, chicken and apple & carrot, or broccoli & cauli cheese...or a jar.
    Tea - Fruit puree & baby rice, or fruity custard.

    I either defrost in the microwave or overnight in the fridge xx
  • thanks!

    as it the first time he made then we wern't sure how much what we had would make! I think he made 4 carrot pots and 8 apple - she had an apple one as her evening meal and loved it! And he was really happy and pleased he had gone to the effort!

    I'm sure I bought an anabel karmel book when I did my nursery nurse training - so annoyed I cant find it now! maybe father christmas should bring one early?? lol

    There are some recipes on her website....
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