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Hi everyone

I just wondered if anyone had any advice on how long I should continue to use the sensor pad I have with my baby monitor?

I have the angel care monitor and the sensor mat was a god send those first few months when I was so paranoid about cot death. Finley will be 7 months next week, and has started to roll off the mat in the night which results in the alarm sounding.

Is it safe for me to take the mat out now do you think, or should I leave it in as long as possible? Does anyone know when the risk of cot death starts to reduce?

Thank you xx


  • i would turn the sensitivity up as high as you can first before removing it - tobys is on 4 at the moment and even though he rolls off it it still senses his movement. I will take tobys off at 1 year i think - unless of course it just goes off all the time.

    Cot death reduces dramatically at 6 months and i believe it is pretty non existant after a year - will google it later x
  • i used the angel pad on my first dd until we moved her into a big bed at 18 months and intend to do the same with dd2, i dont see the sense in not using it when its there? it isnt doing any harm and is always good to have just incase.....
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