Hi again.... Madeleine is 3 days old and I am bf. My milk has only just started to come in today, but even before today Maddie has been sicking up what must be most of each feed (it's just a few mouthfuls but she can't really be swallowing much more than that in the first place). The sick is yellowy in colour.

I know this sounds really stupid as babies just ARE sick, but my first LO very rarely was so this is new to me, and worrying me a bit in case she's not keeping down enough to stay hydrated or gain weight . For those that bf, does this sound normal?


  • Don't worry too much - Toby is sick after every feed still at 12 weeks!! He's just always been greedy and that is nature's way of getting rid of the extra. Talk to your MW or GP for reassurance but it is normal.

    It's too early for you to be monitoring weight gain (she will probably lose weight initially) but you will know if everything's ok by her "output" - as long as she has plenty of wet nappies everything is fine.

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  • I was still in hospital at 3 days old and my LO was often sick, not after every feed though. I remember thinking that must be all of what he's taken and a MW happened to be in the room, so I showed her what he'd brought up (as I honestly was so worried) and she dismissed it completely, said it's normal, only possetting and nothing to worry about!

    If you are worried, chat to your MW or HV x
  • Hi

    Tyler is 17 weeks old and is still sick after most feeds, only little bits, but he did use to do 'mega voms' when he was tiny. It sometimes just looks as though he's leaking ! We've been told its nothing to worry about, also turned out we were feeding him too much !!! (but he's bottle fed)

  • It sounds normal ... congrats on your lo btw!!

    Newborns can swallow fluid so its normal for them to spit up some extra milk also if they've had too much.

    My lo was ff but had reflux (the sicky type not the pain type), no kidding he was sick about every 5-15 minutes from one feed to the next. As newborn anyway but he didn't improve much til about 7 months and still occasionally sicks if somethings gone down wrong at 22 months.

    I had reflux too so this is what i expected sadly!! His weight gain was fine (though I could never believe it, as he seemed not to keep down anything) and had lots of wet nappies so as Madeleine gets older you will be able to monitor the issue ...

    ...if it even becomes an issue but it should be fine!! I think more newborns sick up then those that don't


  • I breastfed my lo and she was a very sicky baby, usually after each feed. As long as she has wet & dirty nappies (and begins to put on weight later on) then I think it's okay x
  • agree with mrs satsuma. So long as nappies are wet and dirty then she is fine.

    However, I have BF 3 babies and can't recall yellow sick! Might be worth getting it checked when hv calls round or take her to GP just to put your mind at rest.

    d x
  • Thank you ladies! That's quite reassuring. She has only just today done her first proper poo (ie not meconium) so am feeling a bit better. I made hubby weigh a clean nappy and a used one yesterday to check she'd weed, too :lol:

    I know that babies normally lose weight before gaining it, but my first LO never did and I KNOW I am going to worry even if the weight loss is within normal limits :roll:

    Dee Dee - I will check with my mw that the yellow is ok. It's quite bright yellow, like bm poo - I wonder if she's bringing up mucous which is in her digestive system from the womb.
  • Thanks MrsA :\)

    Guess what - no visit from mw yet even though we've been home 4 days - phoned them to be told they hadn't received notification I'd left post-natal! :x So typical of my experience of the hosp - fantastic care and lovely clinical staff but absolutely shocking admin organisation. Someone's coming tomorrow, apparently.

    Lily now smiles and points at Maddie saying "babeee", but throws a tantrum when I'm feeding her and tries to get on my lap too :roll: Had a bit of a trying day today because of this, but I guess it's inevitable and she'll soon get used to it. Just trying to give her as much praise and attention as poss, but it's tricky cos she's chosen the last week or so to start being very naughty about food (refusing all but dessert) - so on this we've decided were just going to have to take the hard line: if she doesn't eat a reasonable amount of main, then no dessert (normally only natural yog anyway). Cue tantrumming and a hungry baby, but am hoping that she'll soon learn.
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  • if the sick is just slightly yellow and not bright yellow it is because it is the colostrum she is sicking up i think as it isn't white it can be pale yellow.
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