2nd Stage Carseat recommedations.

Hiii girlies.

Its still a long way off as my LO is still only 14lb!
But im just thinking ahead.

What carseats are great> Which ones not?


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  • we had limited options due to the car we had at the time so went for the maxi cosi tobi but i'm really glad we did as its excellent. Really secure, easy to fit and the straps automatically stay up so you don't have to fiddle around getting them from under your child once you have sat them in it! There is also a colour indicator to let you know when you have tightened them sufficiently... I'd recommend kiddicare as a place to buy from as they are really reasonable. We live near the showroom so they fitted ours too and were really helpful.
  • It is now recommended to keep thme rear-facing til they;re four, but thatere are very few (if any in th UK?) seats available that will do this.

    I'd go for a Maxi Cosi every time - we have the PriorFix and I love it. My Mum has the Tobi for her car, and I like that too, but think I prefer ours. LO likes them both! We had to try a few to find one to fit her car though (apparently the Tobi fits most cars, and it was one on our list), so it's probably worth a trip to Mothercare to try a few out before you set your heart on one.

    We bought ours from Kiddicare too

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  • I don't know if it's still on, but a couple of weeks ago, Boots.com had offers on car seats - up to 25% off some seats and double points too! We bought the Britax Super King (I think that's what it's called), but haven't used it yet as LO is still too small. Was just planning ahead while the offer was on!
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