I have some weaning advice...

Just started weaning and I have some advice for anyone else weaning -
don't get the bibs that go over LO's head! Always get the ones that tie at the back.

I discovered this when feeding Max some avocado and it was all over his bib. When it came to taking it off over his head... well you can imagine the mess! So much easier to untie it and just take it off!!



  • I found that out the hard way lol The thing I dont get though is that they are sold as weaning bibs and you pay more for them! Im going to invest in some of the wipe clean ones coz I go through a million bibs a day!!
  • I have to admit I love the over the head ones & just take it off the same way as ivana said. I actually find them a lot handier than the fiddley ties but I guess we are all different
  • the ones that tie are a pain,velcro ones all the way for me i only have one that goes over the head,and lo always fusses when i put it on or take it off!my sis also has some that look like a jacket put on backwards lol guess if your baby is a messy one these will be great
  • I bought ones that have a velcro fastener on the side - I've found these the easiest yet. They were from Sainsbury and were quite cheap.
  • I only have Velco fasteners as I hate the tie ones and over the head ones. Its bad enough getting clothes on over Kara's head never mind bibs as well especially the amount I go through a day.
  • Rhys comes out in a big rash from the velcro ones so we go for the ova head one's and remove them from the back. So far none in the hair. I do think the velcro ones are alot easier though.
  • My lo makes more mess with the bib on than off as he just trys to eat the bib and gets food everywhere yet makes less mess with no bib on !!!
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